Riker et al v. Gibbons et al

Filing 1

Attachment 6
COMPLAINT Class Action Relief Sought against Howard Skolnik, Robert Bannister, E.K. MCDANIEL, James Gibbons, Ross Miller, Catherine Cortez Masto (Filing fee $ 350 receipt number 09780000000000818768), filed by David Robert Riker, Roger Libby, Ricky David Sechrest, Terrence Brothers, Jeffrey Scott Hosmer, Mark Whittington. Certificate of Interested Parties due by 3/16/2008. Proof of service due by 7/4/2008. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet, # 2 Certificate of Interested Parties, # 3 Summons Bannister Summons, # 4 Summons Masto Summons, # 5 Summons Gibbons Summons, # 6 Summons McDaniel Summons, # 7 Summons Miller Summons, # 8 Summons Skolnik Summons)(Rowland, Lee) Modified on 3/7/2008 to reflect Summons issued on 3/7/2008 (PM).

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