Wolff v. NH Department of Corrections et al

Filing 63

Letter to Charles Wolff from Daniel Lynch re: Mr. Wolff letter re: the "provisional" report and recommendation (mxm)

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Case 1:06-cv-00321-PB Document 63 Filed 10/05/2007 Page 1 of 2 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF NEW HAMPSHIRE 55 PLEASANT STREET, ROOM 110 CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE 03301-3941 OFFICE OP THE CLERK Telephone James R. Starr 603-225-1423 Clerk of Court October 5, 2007 New Hampshire State Prison P.O . Box 1 4 Concord, NH 0330 1 Attn : Charles Jay Wolff (#24322) Re : Wolff v . NH Department of Corrections, 06-cv-321-PB Dear Mr . Wolff: I am writing in response to your letter received on October 2, 2007, in which you ask for a copy of an order referenced in a pleading filed by Attorney Livernois . Specifically, you note that in Defendant's Objection to Motion(s) for Contempt, Attorney Livernois references a"provisional Report and Recommendation on August 3, 2007 ." You indicate that you do not have a copy of any such order having this date and request the clerk's office provide you with a copy of that order . Upon a review of the docket sheet, a copy of which I enclose for your review, the only order issued near this time frame is an order by Magistrate Judge Muirhead dated August 2, 2007, which was docketed by the clerk's office on August 3, 2007 . Although our records reflect that we sent you a copy of the order dated August 2, 2007, I have again enclosed that order for your review. I trust this is responsive to your request. DJL,/ enclosures Case 1:06-cv-00321-PB Document 63 Filed 10/05/2007 Page 2 of 2 O C, TOf~E 12 CH A9lt- O DAY 4ht a t Flz S '- aoay ~ I aY ga2 fJISTRICT OF M .H . F-iLEo Sou T td D1VIJ1vh(--IA 'p.o, '$ox I k/ 10a'i OCT -2 A I! : 1 l ~ oAt C a A D, t., ! f- 33o a u .S . DIS T RICT COUR T & ooU M o ,k8/ 1 VC, b P Td T ~u /Vj r F n srA Fi~t~ o!Z ,a, T 1-I A f'f3 E c o!ut G Ttd ti n tJfih,l c't 0 P- nc T t,i y A^ t pJl4 1A rj. p Gh y G n EAT C o N C E n K o+ t 1'1-tC P0Ct ) 1wi FA o`- A lutV 9 G A g' ~ 1) A tc- 0 Fl L4W w \At !'t !d Y d LJ A H0 Ao o n A 431 %: C a u AT ''l3 Y A T7 - o A N Cr y ,tS h P A!F' L./ j3 ,.CtV lEh x 0ll Es q v!/l V 3'P< ri, llP(- tt-ta Ar fiu M Y Jul?' AG aicbl r' -j' ll G NiKw t4A M pJ id t A1 C r) G' P A k t'1`Av j`(T O 1` C a A h -r C t-A N) e Al i~;: H v M ' 3TZ A - I : O 6- c u -32 1 , ' 'G .J l* Tt~~ Al30 uv O x Pt,(, V"I: F .!A[D ~~cuMciyT A 7-)AovlflomAc AE1~an7 AM 1\16: Co M nA v ry p .6 t/d H vhr n tj G %,Ijlr 3, a ~TM~ ~Anr cl cvxn~~rrc~ At .~Ar7/~G ~t~rtl~G 7~R~ '~7rds/ c 7 Sfv~- l J1. c) vtJl,4tp,S-( /t IU'n~ AkO~ C I\ A ;r- cf- I d~ 6t 1 d~X1c~ ~ A'r V o c w ttn v '~ LV Ul~" Kd?'~ ; T HT u Tf q (j 2~ G C Gt L .-C-- b -t l41~7 ( uvndw~ A ^n A,,Z;7 C j pq M G P % JJi13 C c f'/tg? /kh- D ~ Ap A h A) Z' nr w,~~ tT t~~ i~th ~ r~ ~p~ ~ h l 4 Q P64 Cu~~~ T-~ TJdU r, Td J el it~ .ntuNr 7-~ uGc A ytU cl~F f A w td l t p -, T 1 M Adlo /~ ~ v %--,, W

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