Filing 3

ORDER denying pltfs' motion to proceed as a class action; that pltfs' appl. for appointment of counsel is denied w/out prejudice, as premature; that pltfs. James Hemphill, Efraim Esquilin; Christopher Mark; William Weiss; Christos Papachris tos; Louis George Johnston, Jr., Tymill Mason; Claude Franklin; Peter Braun; Oliver Mason; Toboris Wright; Ronald Young; and Allan Lovenson are dismissed from civ. 06-5033; that the Clerk of the Court shall open a new case for each of the dismissed p ltfs. w/the complaint from each of the newly-opened cases to the same judge who is assigned to civ. 06-5033; that the Clerk shall enter the Opinion and Order in civ. 06-5033 on the docket in each of the newly-opened cases; and each of the dismissed pltfs. may indicate his intent to proceed with this claims by filing an amended complaint asserting his individual claims under his newly-assigned docket number, etc.. Signed by Judge Stanley R. Chesler on 1/24/2007. (mn, )

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