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ORDER & OPINION OF THE SPECIAL MASTER. Signed by DENNIS M. CAVANAUGH, Special Master on 11/28/2017. (ld, ).

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT Of NEW JERSEY Case No.: 2:15-CVO7373-CCC-MF JORGENSEN & COMPANY, Plaintiff, vs. GARY SUTHERLAND, NORTH AMERICAN PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE AGENCY, LLC, PLAZA INSURANCE COMPANY, ROCKHILL INSURANCE COMPANY, STEPHEN VONO, AND DOGAN TUNCEL, ORDER & OPINION OF THE SPECIAL MASTER Defendants. Documents Bates Stamped NAPOI161O-13427 Opinion: Defendants argue that these documents consists of all Salesforce reports ever generated by any user of Salesforce at NAPLIA and that these documents are properly marked Attorneys’ Eyes Only because these documents contain data, including policy information, premiums, expiration dates, addresses and contact information, communications and extensive other customer data that would be extremely damaging if obtained by a competitor. Plaintiff maintains that it would agree to designate these documents confidential to the extent they contain client data and are identified as such by Defendants but object to the need for an Attorneys’ Eyes Only designation. Plaintiff further argues that as NAPLIA is insolvent and no longer in business, there can be no significant harm to the disclosnre of these documents. After careful review of these documents, it is the opinion of the Special Master that the following documents should be unmarked Attorneys’ Eyes Only: NAPOI 161 1; NAPOI 163$; NAPOI 164911657; NAPO1 1658-11663; NAPOJ 1664-11672; NAP011649-l 1657; NAPOI 1658-11663; NAP011664-11 672; NAPOI 1673-11684; NAP011685-11696; NAP011697-11705; NAPOI17O611717; NAPO11718-11723; NAP011724-11729; NAPOII73O-11738; NAP011739-11747; NAPOII74$-11756; NAPOJI757-11765; NAP011766-11774; NAP011775-11783; NAP011784; NAP011785; NAPOYI79O; NAPO1I791; NAP011792-1 1795; NAPOII8O5-11806; NAP01189711914; NAPO12O81; NAP012082; NAP012095; NAP012096-12098; NAP012099-12110; NAP012217; NAPOI22I8; NAP012226; NAPOI 2227; NAPO 12228-12229; NAP012230; NAP012219; NAP012220; NAPOI22I; NAP012222-12225; NAPOI 2231; NAP012232; NAPOI 2233; NAPO1 2234; NAPOI 2235; NAP012236; NAPO1 2237; NAPOI 2238; NAP012239; NAPO 12240; NAPO 12241; NAPO 12245; NAPOI 2246; NAPO 12247; NAPOI 2248; NAPO 12249; NAP012250; NAPOI22SI; NAP012252; NAP012253; NAP012254; NAP012258; NAP012259; NAP012270; NAPO]2384; NAP012385; NAP012386; NAP012387-123$$; NAP012389-12390; NAP012483-12506; NAP012507; NAP012508-12512; NAP012513-12519; NAP012585; NAPOI25$8-12609; NAP012633; NAPO13I5$; NAP013159; NAP013218-13220; NAP013221; NAPO 13222-13241; NAPO 13248-13279. These documents do not contain competitively sensitive technical, financial, or other confidential business information that requires that the documents be marked Attorneys’ Eyes Only. It is the opinion of the Special Master that the following documents are properly marked Attorneys’ Eyes Only: NAPOI16O8-11609; NA?011610; NAPOI16I2-11621; NAP01162211623; NAP011624-11631; NAP011632-11637; NAP011639-11640; NAPO]1641-11648; NAP011786-11789;NAPO1I79Ô-I1$04;NAPOII8O7-11810;NAPO11811-1l$16;NAPOI18I711820; NAPO11$2l-11822; NAP011823-11825; NAP011826-11830; NAPO11$31-11853; NAP011854-11896; NAPO1]915-11918; NAPO1I919-11924; NAP011925; NAPO1192Ô-l 1931; NAP011932-11934; NAP011935-1 1937; NAP011938-11946; NAPOI]947-11955;NAP011956- 1]961; NAP011962-11967; NA?0]1968-11983; NAP011984-11995; NAP011996-12007; NAPO12008-J2013; NAP012014-12016; NAP012017-12020; NAPOI2O2I-12028; NAP01202912034; NAP012035-12043; NAP012044-12064; NAP012065-12069; NA?012070-12080; NAP012083-12084; NAP012085-12094; NAPOI2I1J-12116;NAP012117-12216; NAP01224212244; NAP012255-12257; NAP012260-12269; NAP012271-12383; NAP012391-12409; NAPO1241O-1243J; NAP012432; NAP012433; NAP012434; NAP012435; NAP012436-12445; NAPOI 2446-12451; NAPO 12452-12463; NAPO 12464-12472; NAPO1 2473-12482; NAPO 12520; NAP012521-12539; NAP012540-125$4; NAP012585-12586; NAPOI261O-12632; NAP01263413129; NAPOI3I3O-13157; NAP013160-13165; NAP013166-13206; NAPOI32IO-13217; NAPO 13242-i 3427. These documents contained customer data, competitively sensitive business information, or other confidential business information, the disclosure of which is likely to cause significant harm. Accordingly, these documents are properly marked Attorneys’ Eyes Only. DENNIS M. CAVANAUG Special Master Date: November 28, 2017 .. J. (Ret.)

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