-JO Jacob Friedman, Estelle Sapir and Miriam Stern, on Behalf of Themselves and All Others Similarly Situated v. Union Bank of Switzerland, et al. (See Doc. No. 897)

Filing 4763

MEMORANDUM AND ORDER approving seven decisions on appeal: In Re Accounts of Alred Benesch, Else Benesch and Josef Benes; In Re Accounts of Leopold Herzog, Zdenka Herzog and Margarete Tedesko; In Re Account of Leiba Kochas; In Re Account of Lilein Lei nwand Unternemhung Bernhard Goldstein; In Re Account of Elsa and Emil Menyasz; In Re Accounts of Wilhelm Pappenheim; and In Re Accounts of Dr. Felix Pollak and Account of Elsa Pollak. Ordered by Senior Judge Edward R. Korman on 10/17/2011. (Greene, Donna)

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FILED IN CLERK'S OFFICE US DISTRICT COURT E.ON Y. * UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK ------------------------------------------------------------- )( IN RE: HOLOCAUST VICTIM ASSETS LITIGATION This Document Relates to: All Cases OCT 1 8 2011 * BROOKLYN OFFICE Case No. CV 96-4849 (ERK)(MDG) (Consolidated with CV 96-5161 and CV 97-461) MEMORANDUM & ORDER ------------------------------------------------------------- )( MEMORANDUM & ORDER APPROVING SEVEN DECISIONS ON APPEAL: IN RE ACCOUNTS OF ALFRED BENESCH, ELSE BENESCH AND JOSEF BENES; IN RE ACCOUNTS OF LEOPOLD HERZOG, ZDENKA HERZOG AND MARGARETE TEDESKO; IN RE ACCOUNT OF LEIBA KOCHAS; IN RE ACCOUNT OF LILEIN LEINWAND UNTERNEMHUNG BERNHARD GOLDSTEIN; IN RE ACCOUNT OF ELSA AND EMIL MENYASZ; IN RE ACCOUNTS OF WILHELM P APPENHEIM; and IN RE ACCOUNTS OF DR. FELIX POLLAK AND ACCOUNT OF ELSA POLLAK KORMAN: As provided under the Settlement Agreement, and in accordance with the procedures established in the December 8, 2000 Memorandum & Order and in the Distribution Plan, Special Master Michael Bradfield is hereby requesting the Court's approval of seven Decisions on Appeal: In re Accounts of Alfred Benesch, Else Benesch and 10sefBenes; In re Accounts of Leopold Herzog, Zdenka Herzog and Margarete Tedesko; In re Account of Leiba Kochas; In re Account of Lilien Leinwand Unternehmung Bernhard Goldstein; In re Account of Elsa and Emil Menyasz; In re Accounts of Wilhelm Pappenheim; and In re Accounts of Dr. Felix Pollak and Account of Elsa Pollak (the "Decisions"), which are attached hereto as Annex A through Annex G. The Decisions award a total ofSFr.l,479,065.50. Therefore, it is hereby ORDERED that the Decisions attached as Annex A through Annex G are approved by the Court; and ORDERED that the Signatories of the Settlement Fund are hereby directed to immediately transfer SFr. 1,479,065.50 from the Settlement Fund to the Swiss Banks SettlementDormant Accounts-Payment Account for payment of the Decisions. Dated: October G:., 2011 Brooklyn, New York SO ORDERED: s/Edward R. Korman Edward R. Korman United States District Judge Index of Recommended Decisions on Appeal October 11, 2011 Account Owner Name Amount (in SFr.) 103,387.50 1. Benesch, Alfred; Benesch, Else, Benes, Josef 2. Lilien Leinwand Unternehmung Bernhard Goldstein 3. Herzog, Leopold; Herzog, Zdenka; Tedesko, Margaret 4. Kochas, Leiba 28,712.50 5. Menyasz, Elsa and Emil 12,343.75 6. Pappenbeim, Wilhelm 7. Pollak, Dr. Felix; Pollak, Elsa Total 24,259.31 . 439,500.00 821,487.50 49,375.00 SFr. 1,479,065.50

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