Johnson v. MacDonald et al

Filing 71

MEMORANDUM AND ORDER, The documents submitted by pltff in late March 2012 all constitute unauthorized supplemental submissions. However, in light of pltff's pro se status, this Court will consider the two affidavits. The Court will also consider the "supplemental counter statement," since this more nearly satisfies the requirements of Local Civil Rule 56.1 than did the original counter statement. This Court will not consider "Pltff's supplemental motion to cross motion i n opposition of deft's motion for summary judgment," which makes no explicit reference to the two affidavits and largely responds to arguments set forth in deft's reply papers. To the extent that deft's reply papers raise new argu ments, these arguments will not be considered. If deft perceives a need to submit proof in response to anything contained in the affidavits or to respond to the "supplemental counter statement," deft shall file those submissions on or befor e 4/23/12. Pltff shall not file any documents in response to deft's submissions, if any, or any further submissions relating to deft's motion for summary judgment without permission of the Court. (Ordered by Judge Sandra L. Townes on 4/11/2012) c/m (Galeano, Sonia)

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