Frantzen et al v. Slater et al

Filing 5

JUDGMENT dismissing action, in accordance with the Memorandum-Decision & Order signed by USDJ Lawrence E. Kahn on 8/16/05. (wjg, )

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Frantzen et al v. Slater et al Doc. 5 Case 1:05-cv-01026-LEK-RFT Document 5 Filed 08/17/2005 Page 1 of 1 =============================================================================== * * * * * UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT * * * * * NORTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK JUDGM E N T IN A CIVIL CA S E DOCKET NO . 1:05-CV1-2026 (LEK/RFT) M E L I S S A FR A N T Z E N , C O L L E E N FR A N T Z E N ZA M I E L L I O , and on behalf of JULIAN FRANTZEN, Plaintiffs, v. ZACKA R Y SLAT E R ; KENN E T H C R E N N A , Public Defender, both in his personal capacity an d in his official capacity as Pub l i c Defender of M e l is s a Frantzen, mother of Julian Frantzen, the Infant Minor; DENNIS VETRA N O , Court Appointed Legal Guardian of Julian Frantzen, both in his person a l capac i t y an d in his officia l capacity as co u r t a p p o i n t e d legal gua r d i a n of the Infant M i n o r ; M S . M E L I N D A V I C K , both in her persona l capacity and as CPS wor k e r for Colum b i a Cou n t y Dep t . of Social Services; THE COLUMBIA COUNTY DEPT. OF SOCIAL SERVICES; BRIANNA CON T E in her personal capacity and in her capacity as a counselor for Twin Co u n t y Recov e r y Systems, In c . ; TW I N C O U N T Y R E C O V E R Y SYS T E M S , INC.; JUDGE JON A T H A N D. NICHO L S , both in His personal capacity and as the Judge presiding in Family Court in Columbia County, Defe ndan ts. JURY V E R D I C T . This action came before the Court for a trial by jury. The issues have been tried and the jury has rendered its verdict. XX DECISION by CO U R T . This action came to trial or hearing before the Court. The issues have been tried and a decision has been rendered. I T IS OR D E R E D A N D AD J U D G E D that in the above entitled action, the case is DISMISSED and judgment is entered in favor o f the defendants as against the plaintiffs, in accordance with the MEMORANDUM-DECISION and ORDE R of the H o n o r a b l e L a w r e n c e E. Kahn, U. S. District Judge, dated August 16, 2005. DATE: August 17, 2005 LAWRENCE K. BAERMAN CLERK OF THE COURT

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