Clark v. Dematic Corp. et al

Filing 86

ORDER DISMISSING CASE: the Stipulation of the parties is approved and the action is discontinued and dismissed. Signed by Judge David N. Hurd on 2/1/2016. (jmb)

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IN THEUNJTED STATES DISTRICT.COURT l'OR TIIENORJf!ERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK --- - -- BRANDON R. CLAR.K. PJ;1i"tiftj v. DBMATJC CORP.; DEMATIO NORTH AMERICA; HK SYSTEMS, INC.; HK SYSTEMS UHS; WTION SYSTEMS, INC.; LITTON SYSTEMS lNTERNATlONAL, JNC.~ Ll:rTON UNIT HANOLINQ SYSTEMS (a Divi$lon of Litton Syswms, Inc.); NORTHROP GRIJMMAN GUlDANCE. AND · ELECTRONICS COMPANY, INC.; WESTERN/\ TL.AS INC. (fllJa Lit4m IndustcialAutoP1atlO!lSYstetns, lnc.): DESIQNED CONVEYOR SYSTEMS, JNC.; DESlONED CONVEYOR SYS'fEMS, LLC; INTBRMEC, INC.; 1IDd INTERMEC 'fE:Offi\fO.LOGIElj CORPORATION, S"l'[pQLATION' OF DlSMLSAL Civ11 Action'No.: 5; 14-CV-750 \UNttrrWOJ Defendanl~. IT rs HERE'Sl' STII'ULATEIJ AND AGRE.ED, bymd'between th~.attprneys of recOid for the _partles to the above-entitled·action, tha_t whezcas n.o party herete is an i'nfant1 incompetent pet$on fo:r wbom a ®mmitte~ has b~en appointed or conseiva\ee1 and no person DOt a party has an interest in the subject I!llliter of the a'Clion, the above-entitled ac1ion (includinf?. all i:Jaimr., ctoss-_,ta:uns ani:l/or COl.lnterolm) ll~.and th.e sainc hereby is dis4\0ntinuetl l!ild dismissed as against till Defcndllnts, '\\'ith prejudiCE:, pursuant to Fed,R.Clv-.P,41(a)(l)(A)(il). Atturn~n w l'Wntitf Dared: f t bniarJ 1, 201 <i By: Offl~c & P.O. Addtes9 125 East Jefferson S~ct. JJlh.Floor Sy.racuse, New York 13402-'2S"SlJ 3 t5A 77 .99.00 315.477.992''3 (facsimile) Attnmys ror D;,fenchntt D21911tfs! Cam ., DtmsticNorth AJD.nka. HK Swf.tms, Inc.., llUU HK S;vsl1'»•~ UHS: ftARR[S BEACli PLLC. Dated: Octofler- _ _ •• 2(1 15 Dy~ David M. Capr19tti, of Counspl O~ ffice & P .0. Address .333 Epst Washingtnn Street, Suite 200 Syracuse, New Y.ork 13202 315.21 4-2038 3 1$.422-9331 {{acsimile) !\ltut•ueya ti.Ir Ue!en!laotA Litioa System.~. hie.. Lltfou Sr1i~ms liiti?rngrionnl, Toe., Littoa Unit Haudlmg S"51fm.s.!!nd Ngnhrnp Grwm naR Oa:ida11~t. anti Elntro:gi~ CJ\lmenalue.: HARTER SECREST & EME!RY LLP :Oate¢ October _ __, 2015 B,y: Jefiley A. Wadswol'l.b. of CoW\$e'I. Office &P.O'. Address t 600 B1lusch & 1omb Place Rochll!!ter, New York 14604·2711 585.232.6500 585.,2J:2.2l 52 .{fatsimil~) PORTER NOlU>BY HOWE I.LP By: Et.le C. Nordby, ofCoWlllcl (506583) Office & P.O. Addn::s~ ra,s JeJThrson St\Wt, l 11\ PIOlll• S)'l®wlC..Niiw Yarl1 13202·2550 3i5 477.9900 3 lS,477.9923 (f11tSimile) A"°"'""" far DlftnQel,!b. ppm•tlc Cofu Jlan•t!s1iortb Ameri~;s. JU< .s,mm.. Inc.. •••P lltS'!!{;ims UH~ · Do~ci: Octobar J.(_. 20 I ~ By; Office & l'.0 Addru£ , 333 Ea~t w~ Street, l!uiw '200 Syracuse, New ? orlc 13202 315.214-2038 31 $.42~933 1 t~imtle) Allqrpm fur J:lde-.m.lijru111:SyA111m., h e. L!«O!l Sys~u!! Ingm~!ion1l, J1~.. Lltt<>A Unit 1Ja11dllngfu!l!!?AA11nd ~onlrop GO!!!ll!ltll Gnhlance 1uil El.,,..lronk• Coft)f!M!!):, lite~ Dated: OctobeJ•_ __, 2015 HARTERSECTIJ!ST ~l!MBRYLLf' D:y: Jefl\cy A. Wadsworth, ofCoun!ICI Olficc. & P.O. Address 1600 Baus~)! & Lomb Pl~ Rochester, New Yock 14604-1711 SSS.232.6500 585.232.2152 ((oe11milc) Allorncu ror Pl?indff: Oat1:d: October_, 2015 PORTERNORDBY 1IOWS lLP - ----- By: Bric C. Nordby. of Coul\Sol (50M8J) Office&. P.O. Addtess 12$ Jaft~rson 51nlel, 11 •1 Floor Syrac~. New York 13202-2550 l 15 477.9900 ) IS.477 9921 (tacs.imi le) \1tomnr {&rDr<rnrtrrm Deutdc Corn, c\m£11C!. ffl(~yJtnt•1 tns-, pnd W. S\f!fmt lJl!S: Dcm!tK N"nb Dlled: ( ICIOber -~2015 HARRIS BEACH Pl.J.C Sy Duvid M. CnµrlotH, of Co1111sel Office & P.O Address 3J3 EaSt Washington Strcc1, Suite lOO SytacU!C, New York I3202 315.214-20'.!8 315.422·9331 (fLCSlmile) A1111rrn1 tm Drrl'!JdatJ Linon !>)11rm•. !nc.1 Llrrnp l\v•ttor,. Inmualiom1!. l•i;,, (.11\•tp Ll o!l Jlnndtly SysqlllY rpJ Jl!ortl1r11r t;D!mm?Q Gei(l1.ce_ud Elocfmnlr.. Cimo (lf!ll Y.J.l!l?.:J DowJ. Ociobcr j k., , ?Ol ~ li~·rr~ SECREST & I . '. Bv· EM61''i: LLI• f/;;:/i~til,,lt~c<f Offi~ .t ? .0. Addrt.!.s 1600 Bameh A Lomb Plaoo Kocht1.1er, New York 14004-271 1 SllS.232.6500 S85.2J2.2152 (tacsimilf) .z. By: 0'.ffi~e & P.O. Addr.lss 40'9'L~ckf.wanna ~ve., S'tiito 402 S~n. PonnsylV!lllia 111503 570.347.0600 571),347 A-01 g (~i~) Altornev. ftt J?elta!lan!lJP!l~m•d COmcyo1• Bwfmt1lpc. ruJd De_T gm'li C Ol!l>!!J'9! l!JiC!!!lt. J,Wi Detoa: Oct-Ober 13:::, 201S Office & P.tJ. At.ldres:I .ZSO Soi.dh CliD1on Street Sy.ra®Se, Ne.wYorlc I3.2.07. 315:474.291{ 'HS.474.6015 (ftle111milc) A.tlo@\11\ !Qr Df>~Uallb lJite:t111.""i foe, 1 lmtny!I> b\lbooltJt!!g• Cotlll>lajion; ma U:W Of.FICBS OF T~A I. PU~O Dated: October_, 2015' MillT)I S,.Bromt, df Ocnmsel Offic-.: & P.O•.Mdxess 1 Perk1'lllce, Suite 402 Albaiy, New York l'ZiZQS SJ . .454.4600 8 SIS.454,4662 (fiscsimil.o) -l- AIJOrnrvs !nr We911111 A1'9 Ias. IB'a I lttrnl l•lc!!r1!J A •to!!!?'WP l!ntentt,Iqc.): Dated: Octobcl _ _ , 201S By: --- Pavld B. Hti.!Jcr, of Collll!C.I Oflitc ct P.0. Ad<lre» •09 Le.ehwanna A't'o., Sui11> 400 Scancon, Pctl!ISy!Ymi.l I8S03 570.347.0600 S70.347 401' (&aimile) A •tamn !'>r D(;fudanl5 D• fptd Ccillftr..I '1lttm Tac ' P'' furl&:•rn Com~nflt Snw1. l LC; Sl¥1 ITH SOVTK KBNDJUCK & SUONBT, P.C Dated: Ooto~ _ _, JQ15 By: Si.even W. Williams, of Counsel Office&: P.O. Add1en 250 Souih Cimum Str«t Symruse, N~ Yo« l 32Cl2 315.474.101 l J lS.474.601 S (.facsimile) Dt1od. Ottobcr ~& . 2015 t,A W OFFIGIJS OF TIIRRBSA 1, l'tlLC!O By: M•li~ b s. Bt-0w~, ofCoU1\JcJ b, ffi.ce IL l' 0. 1 Psr\ Place. Sllltc 40'2 A~y, N~ YoD. l.22QS 518 454.4600 5111.•~ ·3- 4662 (f.cslmilo) SO OlWERlill: 1 Daren~ February _~· 201 (i By: HONORABLE.DAVID"N. HURD U.S. DISTRICT COURT JlJDGE

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