Milburn v. Dogin et al

Filing 681

ORDER granting 679 Letter Motion for Discovery. The modified schedule proposed below is approved. The parties shall appear for a conference on Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. SO ORDERED. (Signed by Judge Loretta A. Preska on 10/18/2021) (va)

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Case 1:79-cv-05077-LAP Document 679 Filed 10/15/21 Page 1 of 2 M AR TIN LIP TON 51 WEST ST E VE N A. C OH EN HE RB ER T M . W AC HT ELL DEB OR AH L. P AU L 52ND STREET DAMI AN G. DIDD EN THE ODO R E N . MI R VI S DAVID C. KARP EDW AR D D . H E R LIHY RICH ARD K. KIM DANI E L A. NE FF JO SHU A R. C AM M AKE R AND R EW R . B R OWN STEI N M AR K G O RDON M AR C W O LIN SKY JE ANN E M AR IE O ’B RI EN ST E VE N A. R OSEN B LU M ST EPH EN R. DiP RI M A GEO R GE A. KAT Z (1 9 6 5-1 9 8 9) SCO TT K. CH AR LE S NICHO LAS G. DEMMO JAM E S H . FOG E LSON ( 1 96 7- 1 9 91) JODI J. SCHW ART Z IGO R KI R M AN LE ON ARD M . R OSEN ( 1 96 5- 2 0 14 ) AD AM O. E M ME RIC H JON ATH AN M . MO SE S R ALPH M . LE VE NE T. EI KO STANG E RICH ARD G. M ASON JOHN F. LYNC H DAVID M . SI L K WILLI AM SAVI TT RO BIN P AN OVKA ERIC M. RO SOF DAVID A. KATZ GR EG O RY E . OST LIN G ILENE KN AB L E GO TT S DAVID B. AND E R S JE FFRE Y M. WIN TN E R AND R E A K. W AH LQUI ST TR E VO R S. NO RWI TZ AD AM J . SH API RO BEN M . GE R M AN A NE LSON O . FITT S AND R EW J. NU SSB AUM JO SHU A M . HO LME S R ACH ELLE SILVE RB ER G DAVID E . SH AP IR O ALI SO N ZI ESKE PR EI SS M AT THE W M. G UE ST WAYNE M. C AR LI N JOHN F. SAVAR E SE SAB ASTI AN V. NI LE S IAN B OCZ KO NEW YORK, N.Y. 10019-6150 TIJ AN A J. D VO RN IC DAVID E . KAH AN TELEPHONE: (212) 403 -1000 JENN A E . LE VIN E ANI TH A R EDDY JO SHU A A. FE LTM AN JOHN L. ROB IN SO N JOHN R. SO BO LE W SKI EMI L A. KLEI NH AU S ST E VE N W INT E R KARE SSA L. C AIN EMI LY D . JOH N SON RO N ALD C. CH EN JAC OB A. KL ING GO RDO N S. MO ODIE (212) 403 -2000 RY AN A. M cL EO D BEN J AMI N M. RO TH ELAINE P . G O LIN FACS IMILE: DAVID K. LAM R AAJ S. N AR AY AN DONGJU SONG OF COUN SEL VI KT O R SAP E ZHNI KO V BR AD LEY R . WI LSON ERIC M. RO TH PETER C . H EIN PAU L K. ROW E ME YE R G . KOP LOW DAVID A. SC HW ART Z JO SE PH D . LAR SO N MICH AEL J . SEG AL LAW RE NCE S. M AKOW ELLI OT T V. STEI N DOUGLAS K. MAYER WAR RE N R. ST E RN PHILIP MIND LI N LE O E . ST RI NE, J R .** DAVID S. NEI LL PAU L VIZ CAR R ONDO, J R . HAR OLD S. N O VI KO FF Z ACH ARY S. POD O L SKY R ACH EL B . R EI SB E RG M AR K A. ST AGL I ANO CYNTH I A FER N ANDE Z PATR ICI A A. VLAH AKI S LAW RE NCE B . P EDO WIT Z L AU RE N M. KO FKE BR AND ON C. P RICE SELWYN B . GO LDB E RG MICH AE L J . SC HO BE L ERICA E. BONN ETT VIC TO R GO LD FE LD PATRICI A A. RO BIN SON* GR EG O RY E . P E SSIN SAR AH K. EDDY KENN ETH B . FO RR E ST EL IN A TE TE L B AU M M AR K F. VE B LE N ER IC S. RO BIN SON GR AH AM W. M E LI CAR RIE M. R EI LLY MICH AEL H . BY OWIT Z AMY R. WO LF KEVIN S. SC HW AR T Z MICH AEL S. B EN N LU ME R M ANN CHRI STIN A C. M A * AD MI TT ED I N THE DI ST RIC T O F C O LU M BIA ** AD MIT T ED IN D ELAWAR E COUN SEL DAVID M . AD LE RST EIN AD AM M. G OG O LAK SU MI TA AHU J A NANC Y B. G R EE NB AU M AM AND A K. ALLEX ON M AR K A. KO ENI G LO UI S J. B AR ASH J. AUSTIN LY ON S FR ANCO C AST E LLI ALICI A C. M cC ART HY AND R EW J.H . C HEU NG NEI L M . SN YDE R PAME LA E HR EN KR AN Z S. CH RI STOP HE R SZC ZE RB AN KAT HR YN G ET TL E S- ATW A JE FFRE Y A. W ATI KE R Direct Dial: (212) 403-1140 Direct Fax: (212) 403-2140 E-Mail: October 15, 2021 Via ECF The modified schedule proposed below is approved. The parties shall appear for a conference on Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. SO ORDERED. 10/18/2021 ______________________________ _____________________________ LORETTA A. PRESKA, U.S.D.J. Honorable Loretta A. Preska United States District Court for the Southern District of New York Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse 500 Pearl Street New York, N.Y. 10007 Re: Milburn, et al. v. Dogin, et al., No. 79 Civ. 5077 (LAP) (S.D.N.Y.) Dear Judge Preska: Plaintiffs write to update the Court on the parties’ recent discussions about discovery in this matter and to respectfully request, on behalf of the parties, that the Court enter an amended Scheduling Order reflecting the parties’ agreed-upon discovery and casemanagement deadlines, as set out below. In light of the parties’ agreement, Plaintiffs also accordingly withdraw their October 11 letter motion for a discovery conference, Dkt. 675. The parties have had further discussions following the filing of Plaintiffs’ October 11 letter motion. Based upon these discussions, it is clear that Defendants are not able to reach substantial completion of document production relating to the Unit for the Physically Disabled Case 1:79-cv-05077-LAP Document 679 Filed 10/15/21 Page 2 of 2 Honorable Loretta A. Preska October 15, 2021 Page 2 (“UPD”) by the current deadline of today, October 15, see Dkts. 655, 657. Defendants’ incomplete production makes it impossible for Plaintiffs to take depositions by the October 29 deadline for UPD-related fact discovery, and deposition scheduling has also been made considerably more difficult by the current COVID outbreak at Green Haven. The parties therefore have agreed to an approximately two-week extension of the remaining discovery and case-management deadlines, so as to allow document production to be completed consistent with the parties’ discussions and upon Defendants’ representation that such an extension is sufficient for their fulfillment of their discovery obligations. Such an extension will also allow depositions to take place at a time when the current COVID outbreak at Green Haven will hopefully no longer be an obstacle. The parties accordingly propose the below modified schedule for discovery relating to the UPD and respectfully request that the Court enter an amended Scheduling Order reflecting these deadlines: • Substantial completion of document production: October 29. • Close of UPD-related fact discovery: November 17. • Submission of opening expert reports: November 24. • Submission of rebuttal expert reports: December 10. • Close of UPD-related expert discovery: December 17. • Submission of Plaintiffs’ opposition brief to Defendants’ Motion to Terminate concerning the issues related to the UPD: December 23. • Submission of Defendants’ reply brief to Plaintiffs’ Opposition to Defendants’ Motion to terminate: January 7, 2022. The parties also respectfully request that, if the Court’s schedule allows it, a hearing be set for the week of January 10, 2022. The parties thank the Court for its attention to this case and are available at the Court’s convenience. Respectfully submitted, CC: /s/ Justin L. Brooke Jonathan M. Moses Justin L. Brooke Wilfred T. Beaye Getzel Berger Counsel for Defendants (via ECF) A.J. Agnew, Esq. (Class Co-Counsel) (via ECF)

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