North American Karaoke-Works Trade Association, Inc. v. Entral Group International, LLC

Filing 18

ENDORSED LETTER addressed to Judge Laura Taylor Swain from Robert E. Hanlon dated 10/16/2006 re: requesting an adjournment of the initial conference scheduled for 10/20/2006. ENDORSEMENT: The conference is adjourned to 12/1/2006 at 2:00 p.m. and the related deadlines are modified accordingly. (Signed by Judge Laura Taylor Swain on 10/16/2006) (lb, )

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North American Karaoke-Works Trade Association, Inc. v. Entral Group International, LLC Document 18 Filed 10/18/2006 2006-10-16 Case 1:06-cv-05158-LTS-MHD O2:4lpm From- Doc. 18 Page 1 of 1 i r 212-210-9400 Fax 212-210-9444 WWW. .r. 1% A 1i Robert 1E. Hanlon DizPct DiatDZ-Zl0.9410 E-maik roberthanlon@&toncw October 16,2006 BY FACSIMILE: (212) 805-0126 I1 'p: ii .'- ' ' . ;. 7 * y, ? ,a <. . . , ~ i-,4 i-,J'fia :,-i i;': 13 Hon. Laura Taylor Swain United States Districr Judge United States Courthouse 500 Pearl St., Room 755 New York, NY 10007 this "-:;!~'T>L'~-;cII~ is sent is respoi~si1)lcfor f;uing or ; \ delivering promptly a copy to all counsel .L ::r:,.i ~~i..:::~>;cscnted parties and filing a ccrtii:catc of SZ L: I! stmice ~itllin days from the &k hereof. Do 5 :ot ~ L Y S C I C ~ certification to C b b e n . w!;!lr~i (-,I;!,. - - \ - I . - , . :4 , IS (JJ'i!>i:t<EDthat counscl ti, Re: North American Karaoke-Works Trade Associarion v. Entral Group International. LLC, No. 06 CV 5 158 FLTS) (MHD) Dear Judge Swain: We represent the Defendant and Counterclaim Plaintiff, Enrral Group International LLC, i the above action. We write to request an adjoummen~ the initial n of conferencc presently scheduled for this Friday, October 20,2006. We request this adjournment because the parties have not yet been able KO meet to prepare a proposed schedule. Mr. HoRman, Plaintiff's counsel, did contact my office and suggest dates, but we were unable KO meet a1 h e umcs suggested. Mr. Hoffman and I have both been endeavoring ro reach each other today to discuss proposed dates, bur have so far noL been able to connect. We therefore request that the conference be adjourned without date, and we will iminediarely contact rhe court to suggest alternate dares as soon ns Mr. Hoffman and I are able KO speak, hopefully later today or tomorrow. REH:reh cc: David Hoffman (by facsimile) Onc Atlantic Q n m Bdnk of ~ m c r i u l a u P 3201 Bcechleaf Cbwt. SULC 6W 1201 W e r I ' ~ d ~ u ~ : S ~ r 101 bull>Tryon Smer, S u l k 5000 rr ILlei~h. NC WKM-1062 Atlanu. C A M 3 W U l 4 Charlonr. NC 181tSU-4000 919-861-2200 QO+~1~7OoO 704444-1000 Far: 91 9-a624260 Fax 40.4-881-57 7'7 F;uc 70444e1111 ~ h 37nt~ A. BUJ& 933 F Slml, N W Waslrin~wn. DC 200041404 202-756-3300 Fr 2024'56-3933 a Brit-mer Straeee 11 / V 80333 M u ~ i d i (49) (89) 238-0-70 Fax:(4Y)(89) 236-07110 (kpru~nutivm Ofilcr)

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