Arista Records LLC et al v. Lime Wire LLC et al

Filing 621

ENDORSED LETTER addressed to Judge Kimba M. Wood from Melinda E. LeMoine dated 3/8/2011 re: Requesting a brief extension of two dates in the current pretrial schedule. The current schedule sets March 14 as the date that the parties are to exchange witness lists, exhibits lists, and deposition designations. The parties as to extend that date to March 18. The parties also ask the Court to extend the date for filing the Pretrial Order by one week, until April 1. ENDORSEMENT: Requests Granted. (Signed by Judge Kimba M. Wood on 3/8/2011) (jpo)

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'T ".It:OU'''''O 'TOOO.J IQOor;... e<i&.wol" ~z..o"QO !rr\.'N"f'T ... !(", ... taR CIlIC: P TVT'Tl.e )1Co/1.'f, C ".~"'I tl'CVlN" QO:.Q"",t" .. :SI!Y" 114,A." M,COf.J '.ve" co ot cQU~sCt" c. ~~Ad'" t,.,..,., C "'i!:"Q TO\".\,Ji IIO~"-4.0().' ,.,..II1II'1""'" 0 t.'1f'1'" ... ~ 3CAOv'O ec,.",,-AO ~ t'I(,I..NO,tV:I1 INQf'T'A'!i OIRC'T llf'.lF.: VIA FACSIMILE (212) 805-7900 (213)6839171 (213) 6834011 F,~X Mel il\dR.I.eM"inc(~mto.C<lm The Honorable Kimba ~f. Wood 'Cnited States District Court Southern District of New York 500 Pearl Street New York, New York 10007-1312 MEMO ENDORSED Re: Dear Judge Wood: AriSla Record, LLC et al. v. Lime /<Vire LtC el al., Case No. 06 CY 5936 (KMW) I "'Tite on behalf of both Plaintiffs and Defendant:), who jointly request a brief extension of two dates in the current pretrial schedule. (Dkt. No. 488, Feb. 22.1011). The current schedule .sets Monday. March 14 as tht: date that the parties are to exchange wimess lists, exhibit lists, and deposition designations. The parties ask to extend that date to Friday, March 11. The parties have jointly agreed to exchange jury instructions on that date as well. To accommodate this change and allow for a meaningful meet-and-confer period, the parties also ask the Court to extend the date for tiling the Pretrial Order by one week, from Friday, March 25 until friday. April 1. The partie~ ask for this exlension for two principal reasons. Firf>t, as the Court knows, the parties have agreed to a. mediation scht:dulcd for this Friday, March 11. Tn light of the intervening mediation, the partie.s need some additional lime to complete their exhibit lists, witness lists. and deposition designations. Second, the parties wish to extend the time to file the Pretrial Order to accommodate this change in schedule, to allow sufficient time for the parties to ....- ..--.-.'~.------------------------ 3/08/2011 17 21 FAX 213 887 3702 MUNGER TOLLES & OLSON ~ 003/003 MUNGER. TOLLES & OLSON llP Hon. KimbaM. Wood March 8. 2011 Page 2 exchange their objections to each other's exhibit lists, deposition designations, and jury instructions, and to meet and confer on those objections. With this extension of time, the parties hope to eliminate objections before the Pretrial Order is filed, and thus narrow the issues the Court must resolve. Sincerely, ~~inda E. LeMoine 1iJ1iv<{~ 1338609], I fO ORDEnED: KIMBA M. WOOD U. S. D. J.

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