Stanacard, L.L.C. v. Rebtel Networks, AB et al

Filing 40

ORDER: It is hereby ordered that the attorneys named herein are authorized to bring certain electronic equipment as described herein, into the Courthouse for use in the action. The proceeding is anticipated to begin on September 2, 2009 and conclude on September 2, 2009. (Signed by Judge Robert W. Sweet on 8/25/2009) (jpo)

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r USDC S D N Y Do(7Ilhf~~~ EE(;I-R~Y : U N I T E D STATES DIS'I.RICT C O U . S O U T H E R N DISTRICT O F NEW pAksTE SDoC #: FlLBlj: IN TfIE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION T O BRING AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE(S) : I N T O THE DANIEL PATRICK MOI'N'NMAN U N I T E D STATES COUKTHOUSE F O R USE IN A TRIAL O R PKOCEEDWG -----------..----...~....~....~... X , - . J u d g e , in connection with an action titled ~ereby authorizes the following a t t o r ~ ~ r y (to) bring cellain elect]-onic equipment as described below itrto the s Cou~tliouse o r usc f c o ~ i c l ~ dn oe iri AB the actior~.Tlic proceedir~g anticipated lo begin on is , f h e atto,-ncy(s) identified ill this Order trlllst Hy brillring equipment into the Courthouse, the attortley(s) cettifics th;~t l ~ e r elcctl-onic device(s) \vill not bc used to send or receive wil-rlrsh transmissici~~s, create, I-ccord. or broadcast ~,;iu;limages o t sounds or altel-natively, that any such capability has bren disahlcd. I'he attorncy(s) also certifies that the de\,icc(s) will not be used bfaany otl~tt/person D:ite(l: New T)$-J~(:T~ ork, Ne\ \lo1 k 1

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