Ragual v. Victoria Cruises, Inc.

Filing 32

ORDER: It is hereby ordered that the motion for approval of the proposed settlement is granted in all respects, except that the disbursements for "World Wide Dictation" and "Misc." are not included in the amount being awarded to p laintiff s attorneys, and it is further; ORDERED that the Death on the High Seas Act is the applicable law and the claim of the estate for conscious pain and suffering is dismissed, and it is further; ORDERED that the claim of Amuerfina Ragual, indiv idually and as administration of the estate of Junior Ragual, be settled for the sum of $70,000 and it is further; ORDERED that the defendants are directed to pay "the law firm of Steven L. Barkan, as attorneys for Amuerfina Ragual," & #036;70,000 and it is further; ORDERED that Steven L. Barkan is directed to pay Amuerfina Ragual individually $39,176.91, representing her pecuniary loss as a result of the death of her husband and $718.25 for disbursements. The balance, $30,104.84, is to be divided between counsel for the plaintiffs, as payment of their fees and disbursements. (Signed by Judge Sidney H. Stein on 11/23/2009) (jpo)

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