Anwar et al v. Fairfield Greenwich Limited et al

Filing 1085

ORDER FOR ADMISSION PRO HAC VICE ON WRITTEN MOTION: It is hereby ordered that attorney Matthew L. Jones is admitted Pro Hac Vice (Signed by Judge Victor Marrero on 3/13/2013) Filed In Associated Cases: 1:09-cv-00118-VM-FM, 1:10-cv-06186-VM, 1:10-cv-06187-VM(js)

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Case 1:10-cv-06187-VM Document 39 Filed 05/09/11 Page 10 of 11 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK __________________ . -1 ) PASHA ANWAR, et aL, Plaintiffs, ) Master File No.: 09-cv-OOU8 (VM) ) FAIRFIELD GREENWICH LIMITED, et aL Defendants. ) ) ) ) This Docwnent Relates To: Ricardo Almiron) v. Standard CharteredBank International ) (Americas) Limited, et al., No. 10-CV-06186) ) -VM; and Carlos Carrillo v. Standard Chartered Bank International (Americas) ) Limited, et ai., No. 10-CV-06187-VM ) --------. ORDER FOR ADMISSION PRO HAC VICE ON WRITTEN MOTION ._----------------------------------------][ Upon the motion of Steven E. Mellen, a member of the Bar of this Court, and said sponsor attorney's Declaration in support; IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that Matthew L. Jones Jones & Adams, P.A. 9155 South Dadeland Boulevard, Suite 1506 Miami, Florida 33156 Telephone: (305) 270-8858 Facsimile: (305) 270-6778 jDOCU~IENT "1 r! LCTRO!':\CA LLY FILED i; ~.)OC #: llDATE FILEl): , .3 is admitted to practice pro hac vice as counsel for the Plaintiffs Ricardo Almiron and Carlos Carrillo in the above-captioned case in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. All attorneys appearing before this Court are subject to the Local Rules of this Court, including the Rules governing discipline of attorneys. If this action is assigned to the Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system, counsel shall immediately apply for an Case 1:10-cv-06187 -VM Document 39 Filed 05/09/11 Page 11 of 11 ECF password at Counsel shall forward the pro hac vice fee to the Clerk of Court. (~A/,' Dated: P, -MQY~~ ~/3 New York, New York ~ United States District/MagistIatejudge 2

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