Anwar et al v. Fairfield Greenwich Limited et al

Filing 1116

ENDORSED LETTER: addressed to Judge Victor Marrero from Sharon I. Nelles dated 4/22/2013 re: Standard Chartered respectfully requests that it be permitted to submit a consolidated response to these three letters of up to five pages in length, and asks that the Court extend to April 30, 2013, the time by which Standard Chartered may submit its response to plaintiffs' correspondence. ENDORSEMENT: Request GRANTED. The Standard Chartered Defendants' may respond to the plaintiffs' letters referred to above by 4/30/2013, by letter not to exceed 5 pages. So Ordered. (Signed by Judge Victor Marrero on 4/27/2013) (js)

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To:212 805 6382 4375 APR-22-2013 17:44 From:2721 P.2·'2 SULLIVAN & CROMWELL LLP 14L.~"'HONE: '"C6IMIL.E: 1,212550,4000 1'21 ,,' 55f\':!\ !'iee WWW,'U~~C~OM COM r······ --,---'--­ I,TVStDC 'SDNY :'I 1I [-). rOCU'l.lE'.l't"\. '!\ .• . . !i " .. i; I~LECTRO:\[CALLY FILf1D : H)C #: lII?/~~[~}L;E~~~:~~~~ April 22. 201 J ny P(tcsimile Honorable YIctor Marrero, United States District Judge, Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse, 500 Pearl Street. Nt:w York. Nt:w York IOO()7. Rc: ;lnYl'ur v, Pairfidei (il"t:enwich lid., No. 09-eV-ll R (S.D.NY.) -- St.1ndard ('hJrtered Cases Dear .Judge Mdrrero: We write on heha.lfofthe Standard Chartered Defendang ("Standard CharlereJ") regarding the April 19.2013 letter fwm many Stclllc1(U'd Charll'rl'd Plaintiffs. requesting;) pre-motion conference to ask the CouL1 to reconsider certain ui' ib prior rulings. nnd sepmfltc letters oftoc1ay from plainti rr H<:<1<.hvay lnv~slmenl Corporation ("Headway") and plaintiffs ,Maridom Lunil(;u. Caribilran:-;, S,A. and ;\hhot eilpitnl, ll1c. (tbe "Maridom 1'1ainlill's'·). bUlh (i) joining lh~ April 19 letter and (ii) seeking to renew those plaimitIs' twice previuu::dy denied rt:4ut::-;L:-; Lo ..1111t:nu their c(llllpl(linrs, Under the Court's rules. Slall<.larJ Chartered would he reqlJireci to rcspond plainlilTs' April 19.201.'1 letter hy tomorrow. /\pl'il 23, Jnd to the Hendway £lod Marido[Jl PlainLi I'ls' It:Llt:r:-; by Wedne:-;day. Apri I 24, 2013 Standard Charkrnl respecilillly reqllests thM it be permitted to submit a cOl1sol idated rcspons~ Lu th<,;s~ thn::e letters of up 10 tive pages in length, and asks thaI lk Coml eXlenu 10 April JO. 201 J, the time by which Standard Cluu1crcd may submil its r.;;spum:~ Lo plainLil"!'::;' ~llrrespondence. Lll Respectfully submitted, Akvn,i.~) Sharon T.. Nelles cc: MCl11hcrs ofthe St;)ncimci Chartefed PlaillliJls' SLeering lommittee

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