Anwar et al v. Fairfield Greenwich Limited et al

Filing 1228

ENDORSED LETTER: addressed to Judge Victor Marrero from Sharon L. Nelles dated 11/20/2013 re: Counsel for defendants request leave to submit a letter no longer than 4 pages in reply on or before November 26, 2013. ENDORSEMENT: Request Granted. The Standard Chartered Bank Defendants are authorized to file by 11/26/2013 a reply letter not to exceed four (4) pages addressing the matters referred to above, and in particular showing cause why this matter should not be deferred pending rulings by the Circuit Court and the Supreme Court on related questions. So Ordered. (Signed by Judge Victor Marrero on 11/21/2013) (js)

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11/20/2013 12 01 FAX 1212 558 3358 IaI 002/002 S&C LLP 125 BO 26FL SULLIVAN & CROMWELL LLP ,/tsPA~~ TELEPHONE, 1-212-550-"000 FAC:SI MILII:: '-212-S58-3S8B . rr~""':'1 tR~. q ~ " __- J~ o/twk.. APU'OOOIi-2IJ.98 IL , r I l U L C'·"". JUOG.:= November 20,2013 .J By Facsimile .. _,.-. j f)OClJ,~lENT Honorable Victor Marrero, United States District Judge, Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse, 500 Pearl Street, New York, New York 10007. Re: lISV,-' Slj~·~· :'11 lfEtECTRO~ICALLY "ILtD I;~F#I !LID:~1;,211 Anwar, et at. v. Fairfield Greenwich Ltd., et aI., No. 09-CV -118 <S.D.N.Y.) - Standard Chartered Cases Dear Judge Marrero: We write on behalf of the Standard Chartered Bank Defendants ("SCB") in connection with the above-captioned action. Yesterday, liaison counsel for the Standard Chartered plaintiffs submitted a 12-page response to SCB's 3-page letter request for a pre­ motion conference regarding SCB's contemplated motion to dismiss plaintiffs' claims pursuant to the Securities Litigation Uniform Standards Act ("SLUSA"). Thereafter, plaintiff Teresa believes that a brief Barbachano submitted an additional 4-page letter to the Court. response to those lengthy submissions would be helpful to the Court and respectfully requests leave to submit a letter no longer than 4 pages in reply on or before November 26. 2013. sea Respectfully submitted, ," ~X./}~I Sharon L. Nelles cc: It Standard Chartered Plaintiffs' Steering Committee (bye-mail)

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