Anwar et al v. Fairfield Greenwich Limited et al

Filing 1243

MEMO ENDORSEMENT on re: #1242 Letter, filed by Citco Group Limited, Citco Global Custody N.V., CITCO Fund Services (Europe) B.V., CITCO Bank Nederland N.V. Dublin Branch, Citco Canada Inc., Citco Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited. ENDORSEMENT: Application granted., ( Deposition due by 4/25/2014.) (Signed by Magistrate Judge Frank Maas on 2/27/2014) (lmb)

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Case 1:09-cv-00118-VM-FM Document 1242 PAUL, WEISS, RIFKIND. WHARTON & GARRISON LLP t 285 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS NEWYORK NEWYORK 10019-6064 UNIT 3601 OFFiCE TOWER A BEIJING FORTUNE PLAZA NO 7 DONG$ANHUAN ZHONGLU CHAOYANG OtSTRICT BEIJING \00020 TELEPHONE 12.12) 3733000 LLOYD K. GARRISON SIMON H RIFK1NO LOUIS S WEISS {1950 1993) it 927 195m JOHN F WHARTON PEOPLE S REPUBLIC OF CHINA TELEPHONE (66 10.582.86300 ! 1946 199 n 11927 1977) 12TH FLOOR HONG KONG CLUB BUtLDtNG 3A CHATER ROAD CENTRAL HONG KONG TELE:PHONE H3S2) 28460300 ALDER CASTLE 10 NOBLE STREET WRITER S DIRECT DJAL Nu~eER LONDON EC2V 7JU U K TELEPHONE (44 20i 7367 1600 (212) 373-3543 FU,'<OKLJ SEjMEI BUJLDlr..G WRITER :5 DIRECT FACSIMILE 2. :2 UCHISAIWAICHO 2 CHOME CHlYODA KU TOKYO tOO 00\ 1 JAPAN TELEPHONE 161 :n 35978101 (212) 492-0543 WRITER S DIRECT EMAIL ADDRESS TORONTO DOMINtON CENTRE M 0EN· 0RSEO ~~:~~:~NOEN':~:'~5~=~~~~ EM D 77 KING sTREET WEST SUITE 3100 agordon@paulwelss com PO "OX 22. Filed 02/26/14 Page 1 of 2 MATTHEW W ABBOT'" MEREDITH J KANE ROBERTA A KAPLAN BRAD 5 KARP PATRICK N JOHN C KE ALAN W K MITCHELL L STEPHEN P LAMS" JOHN E LANGE DANIEL J LEFFELL X~AOYU GREG LIU JEFFREY D MAR ELL ALLAN J ARFFA ROBERT A ATKINS DAVID J BA\.. JOHN F BAU MAN LYNN B B DANIEL J CRAIG A BEN O. DANIE:L J DAViD K LAKHOHIR aEA: MARK S BERGMAN BRUCE S M BOEHNING H CHRIS ANGELO NO J-'MES L MARCO V MASOTTI HIN ~"",...v •• ~ .. u .........N--'An DAVID W MAYO ELIZABETH DAVlS'W EIf~OWN$Y"'N SUSANNA M BUERGEL PATRICK S CAMPBELL" .JESSICA S CAREY MARK F ME WILLJAM B TOBY S MY JEANeTTE K CHAN YVONNE Y F CHAN LEWIS R CLAYTON JAY COHEN CORNISH a ER J CUMMiNGS DAVIDOW DAVIS THOMAS V DE l..A BASTIDE III ARiEL J DECKELBAUM ALICE BELISLE EATON AND £W J EHRLICH RY EG AN BRAD J FIN BRIAN P PI ROBERTO FINZI PETER FISCH ROBERT C t:"LEDER MARTiN FL.UMENBAUM ANDREW J Y HIMEK M SCHNEIDER SCHUMER SCHWAB JOHN M SCOTT STEPHEN J SHIM$HAk, DAViD R $!CULAR MOSES S~LVERMAN 500 DELAWARE AVENUE SUITE 200 POST OFFICE SOX 32 February 26, 2014 WILMINGTON DE 198990032 TELEPHONE 1302) 655 4410 e J us ARUN M T E:AIC ALA F. AIDAN SYNNOTT ROBYN F TARNOFSKY MONICA K THURMOND DANIEL J TOAL LIZ'"' M VELAZQUEZ MARIA T VULLO ALEXANDR LSH" LAWRENCE THEODORE 5 JR BETH A WIL N STEVEN J WILLIAMS LAWRENCE \ WITDORCHtC MARK a WLAZLO JULIA MASON WOOD JOROAN E YARETT KAYE N YOSHINO 200 I K STREET NW AsHINGTON DC 20006 1047 TELEPHONE 1202) ZZ3 7300 "reIN SAMU£'LS RRO e HARRIS B ANO JACQ RAPH JEFF FAL 4 F EW MANUELS ANDREW L KENNETH A MIC CATHERINE JANE 0 ALEX YOUN OH BRAD R OKUN KELLEY 0 PARKER MARC E PERLMUTTER VALERIE ADWANER CARL L NER WALT ICCIAROI WALT RICH SON S H GOOGE JR ANDREW G GORDON UDI GROFMAN NICHOLAS GROOMSRIDGE 8RUCE A GUTENPL.AN GAINES GWATHMEY III AI-AN S HAl-PERIN JUSTIN G HAMIL.L CLA HAMMERMAN E HARPER HERMANN M HIRSH L.E HIRSHMAN MICHAEL S HONG DAVID S HUNrrNGTON LORETTA A IPPOUTO JA"EN JA~GHORBANl TONG YU ,RACEY A 'ZACCONE T P:OBERT ZOCHOWSKI JR ·NOT A.DMlTT£O TO THE NEW YORK eAR APPLICATION GRANTED ViaECF SOORD RED The Honorable Frank Maas United States District Court Southern District of New York 500 Pearl Street New York, NY 10007 nk Maas, USMJ -)h;,'i Anwar, et al. v. Fairfield Greenwich Limited, et al., No. 09-cv-118 (VM)(FM) Dear Judge Maas: We represent defendants The Citco Group Ltd., Citco Fund Services (Europe) B.V., Citco (Canada) Inc., Citco Global Custody N.V, Citco Bank Nederland, N.V., Dublin Branch, and Citco Fund Services (Bennuda) Ltd. (collectively, the "Citco Defendants"). We \vrite on behalf of the Citco Defendants as well as the plaintiffs and defendants PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP ("PwC Canada") and PricewaterhouseCoopers Accountants, N.V. ("PwC Netherlands") respectfully to request a short extension ofthe current deadline for depositions from March 31, 2014 until April 25, 2014. By way of brief background, on January 30, 2013, the Court set a schedule for expert discovery in this matter. On November 12,2013, the Court extended the deadline for expert discovery until March 31,2014. Since that time, the parties have cooperated with respect to the scheduling of expert depositions and have been working diligently toward completing all expert depositions by the March 31 dr;:tz:tlUE::fltE:===="===:=.==:::~:=--t~ . .; r I USDCSDNY ! H H DOCUME1\fT i !'Y Errt'R-)"/\.'Yr-<" T LV r'H....1..:L1j.q d :. L" .:'.'-.- t ~ 1l....1'U..I ~ Y" 'f"''t''I i j 'I D·""'-' 1 t' iI D":·ri~<..lfF:·l-1 ED ~ I ~~ I i/<<.j J h -_. ~J t~:~~~ ;~~~~~~~-=::.:Jt Case 1:09-cv-00118-VM-FM Document 1242 Filed 02/26/14 Page 2 of 2 PAUL, WEISS, RIFKIN 0, WHARTON & GARRISON 2 The Honorable Frank Maas parties agree, however, that an extension of the schedule is necessary to accommodate the scheduling of the more than 20 expert witness depositions in this matter. In addition to the relatively large number of expert depositions, certain depositions have already had to be rescheduled for unanticipated reasons: two ofthe witnesses have fallen ill, one shortly after the start of the deposition and the other a few days before the deposition, and the recent deposition of another witness will be continued to a second half-day by agreement of the parties. Given the complexity of the issues in this matter, we anticipate that there may be additional expert witnesses whose depositions will continue into a second day. Accordingly, the parties respectfully request that the expert deposition deadline currently set for March 31 be reset for April 25. Respectfully submitted, , I I I / ~rj!r I i j : Andrew G. Gordon cc: All counsel (by email)

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