Anwar et al v. Fairfield Greenwich Limited et al

Filing 1264

ENDORSED LETTER addressed to Judge Victor Marrero from Andrew G. Gordon dated 4/17/2014 re: Counsel for Citco Defendants request that the Court grant the Citeo Defendants an extension of time to respond to Plaintiffs' letter by no later than Wednesday, April 23, 2014. ENDORSEMENT: The Clerk of Court is directed to enter into the public record of this action the letter above submitted to the Court by the Citgo Defendants. (Signed by Judge Victor Marrero on 5/13/2014) (tn)

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2014-04-17 18:11 PAUL WEISS 12123732810 » 212 805 6382 PAUL, WEISS, RIFKIND, WHARTON & GARRISON LLP MArTHEw W ABB OTT ALLAr-.. J. ARFFA q OfSERT A . A 'rKIN::; 1285 "'VENUE OF TH£ AMERICAS NEW YORK, ,\J£W YORK 10019-6064 UNIT 3601 OFFICE TOWER A. BEIJING FORTUNE PLAZA NO 7 DONGSANH UAN HtONGLU CHAOYA.NG QISTRICT T£L£PHONE (212.) 37~-3000 BEIJ ING 100:J20 PE:OPLF.:'S LLOVC ({ . C",-RRISON (lg"S-IQgl) RANDOLPH E PAUL. SIMON H . RIFKIND L OUISS WEISS JOHN F' WHA~TON R(~UI3LIC rE.LEPHON l" 'l:Hj- ' 01 O F CHINA SI:)~d · ti:;,.OO \ ZTH FLOOR. HONG KOr-.:G CLU B (19Z7- 1950 ) au ILOING 3A CHATER ROAO. CENTR4l (1 9 2.7- 1977) HON G KONG TI:.U,: PHONE. (952\ :2846-0300 ALOE~ CAST LE , 0 NOB LE STREE i WRIT£~ · S. DIR.ECT DIAL NUMBER !- ONDO~ 7 .J~. U 1'1.. r UKOKU 5 (''''' £:1 aUILDJNG Z.·l UC HI SA I YlAICHO 2 -CHOM£ CHlyO:)A-KU _ TOKYO 100-:>0 \ I , J APAN (l:.lL P J-{Of'lE (&1 -3) :.J !;!!l7· flI O I WRIT£R ' s> DIRECT FACSI :-.qLE (212) 492-0543 W~ITER'S E C2 V TELEPHONE <-44 20 1 7)07 , GOO (212) 373-3543 DIRECT E. - M AIL ADDRESS TORON TO - OOMINION CE="ITRE -'7 t<ING STR EET WEST. SUI T E 3100 P.O. 30)( 226 agordon@paulweiss_com TORO",TO, ON TAFUO MSl'( I J3 TEL£'" HO NE..1416 ) 504-0520 2001 K S TRE 5. T. NW W A S H I N G T ON , DC 200~6·10.o.7 T ErL E P .l-10NE (202 , 223·7300 500 DELAWARE AVENUE.. SU ITE zoo PO S T OF F ICE 80,," 3Z. WILMINGTON, O£. 19899 -003:2 April 17, 2014 TELEPHONE 130:t::l BALI... J OHN F" BAUGHMAN L YI\.N e ElAYARO D ANIEl... J. SELLER CHA IG A b"t::.:NSON MITCNt:.LL.. L. ~"E~G MA~J'( S. I:::I~H:GMAN BRU C E 81RENtlOlrl! H . CHRISTOPHER BOEHNING ANGEL.O eONVINO BROCHIN RICHARD J. BRONSTEIN DAVID VI BROWN SUSAN ..... A M. BUERGEL PATRICK S. CAMPBELL· Jt:551CA S. CAREy J [ANETTE: 1<' CHAN YVON N E. Y. r. CHAN l CWI-S R CLAYTON JAY COHEf'I KELLEY A. CORNISH CHRISTOPHER J. CUMMINGS C H I\RL~S E DAVIDOW Q OUGLI\5 R DAVIS " HO M AS V DE LA BASTIOE I~I AR: :El J DE CKELBAUM A LI CE BELISLE EATON ANDREW J E~RLJCH G REGORY A EZRING 1.( 5 1.u : GORDON FAGEN M ARC FA LCONE ROSS A. FIELDSTDN ANORE:,W C FINCH BRAD J FINKELSTEIN BR IAN P. FI NNEGAN A08E RTO FINZ I P[T E A E F ISCH R.O&( RT C FLEDER M AR J I N t-: LU;"E.N~AlJM AN OR EW J FOLEY H AR IH S a n~E. IOUS MANU E: L S . FREY ANOqE VI L G AIN£S KE NNETH A . GA LLO MICHAEL E . GE:RTZ,"IAN AOA r.., M . GIVERTl S A .. VATORE. GOG lIORMELLA RO BERT O . GOLD6AUM ..... EIL GOLDMAN EA' C S GOLDSTEIN ER I::; GOODtSOf'.' CHARLES H . GOOGE , J R. A N OREW C . GORDON u D r GROF"MAN NI C HOLAS GROOMBRIDGE e RuC E A GUTENPLAN r..A I N E~ GWATHMEY. II I A I- AN S HALPE:JHf\l JUST i :"\l G HA"' ILL CLAUOIA HAMMERMA N GERARD E HARPER JAMES L (l9a6-1956) (' 9S0-!99S} O AvrD J 65S'4~10 BRIAN S HERMANN R 08ERT M. HIRSH MICH[ l E H i RS HMAN ~'ICHA E..L DAV i D 5. HO ...... G H UN TJNGTO N LOR l " A A. IPPOLITO JAREN J AT\:GHOR8ANI P MERt:DITH J KAN[ ROBERTA A KAPLAN BfiAO S. KANi-' PP.TRJCr<; \J KAH S NIIL. JOHN C ALAN W XIAOYU G I"'£G LIU JEFf'"R!Y 0 ,..,A.~f:LL MARCO V MASQ"TT"I EDWIN S. ""AYNARO DAVI a TOBY S. MYERSON CATHERINE NYARAOY JANE 8 O'BRIEN ALE)( YOUNG K OH BRAD R. OKUN KELLEY D. PARKER MARC E PERLMUTTER VALERIE E. RAOWANER CARL L. REISNER WA.LTER G RICCIARDI WALTEJ:;! ~IE""'AN RICHARO A. ROSEN ANDREW N ROSEN8ERG JACQUELINE P. RUBIN RAPHAEL M. RUSSO JEFFREY D SArEA5TEIN JEFFREY B SAMUELS DALE M SARRO TERRY E SCHIMEK KENNETH M. SCHNEIDE~ ROBER.T 8 SCHUMER JAMES H SCHWAB JUHN M SCOTT STEPHEN .1. SHIMSHAK CAVLD R SLCULAR MOSES SILVE:AMAN STEVE N SIMI(I" JOSEPH J SIMONS ,Y,AR ILYN SOBEL AUDRA J . SOLOWAY SCOTT M 501'\ TAG TARUN M. STEWART ERIC " L AN STONE:: A IDA N SYNNOTT ROBYN F. TA RNOf"SKY MON leA K . Tt-IUR MON O OAN IEL J TO A L LlZ A VE L A ZQUEZ MARI .o\ T V ULL O A LEXA NDRA M WAL S H' L AW R5:NCE G . W[~ THEODORE V WE LLS J A. BET ..... A . W JLK I N SON STEVEN J WILLIAMS LAWR[N C E I WITDQRCHIC MARt< 8 WLAZLO JULIA MASO:-' WOO O JORDAN E . YARETT X,AYE N. YOS HINO lONG YU TRACE Y A ZACCON( TR a BERT lOC.HOWSKI , JR . t'" ELECTI\01\IC\ LLY I,'ILED DOC #: W. MAYO ELIZABETH R McCOLM M:A.RK F MENDELSOHN WILLIAM B MICHAEL '" boet; ~ 1ENT The Honorable Victor Marrero United States District Judge Southern District of New York 500 Pearl Street New York, )Jew York 10007 KENNE DY I'IORNt:l!;RG DANIEL.. J. KRAMER DAVID K. LAKHDHtR STEPHEN P. LAMS· JOHN t: I...ANGr:. OANI ~ L. .J L E Ff"ELL ~lJSDC SD~Y By Facsimile L _~_~ . '~ILEQ:: .S--1 ) - ~tC Anwar, et al v, Fairfield Greenwich Limited, ef ul., No , 09-cv-118 (VM) (FM) Dear Judge Marrero: We represent defendants The Ci tco Group Ltd, Citco Fund Services (Europe) B.V., Citco (Canada) Inc., Citeo Global Custody N_Y, Citco Bank Nederland , N.V., Dublin Branch, and Citco Fund Services (Bennuda) Ltd. (collectively, the "Citco Defendants") in the above action. Given the upcoming holidays, we respectfully submit this letter to seek a brief extension of time to respond to Plaintiffs ' April 17 , 2014 Jetter seeking leave to amend the Second Consolidated Amended Complaint. We have 110t previously sought an extension of time to respond to Plaintiffs' letter, ,-,,,hich we received earlier today, We have conferred with Plaintiffs, who consent to our request. 2014-04-17 18:11 PAUL WEISS 12123732810 » 212 805 6382 P PAUL, WEISS, RIFKIND, WHARTON & GARRI SO N LLP The Honorable Victor Marrero 2 Accordingly, we respectfully request that the Court grant the Citeo Defendants an extension of time to respond to Plaintiffs' letter by no later than Wednesday, April 23, 2014, Respectfully submitted, /1 7171_ 1 . , ~ / . 1/;' LU :.-; • • 1...,.. .......... " i" 1/ , (i; \ ,.y ; h:. II!! /." ~ Andrew G, Gordon cc: . J ,, - -(. / /' " I ./ All counsel of record (by email) The Clerk of Court is directed to enter into the public recor.d the letter above submitted t b - Court by . of this ,-1M 2n tj (l SO ORDERED. ~ . 3/3

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