Anwar et al v. Fairfield Greenwich Limited et al

Filing 1266

ENDORSED LETTER addressed to Judge Victor Marrero from Andrew Gordon dated 4/24/2014 re: Counsel requests that if Your Honor is inclined to consider Plaintiffs' letter, the Citco Defendants be given the opportunity to respond briefly so that the record may be corrected. ENDORSEMENT: The Clerk of Court is directed to enter into the public record of this action the letter above submitted to the Court by the Citgo defendants. (Signed by Judge Victor Marrero on 5/13/2014) (tn)

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:014-04-24 16: 12 PAUL WEISS 212 373 2628 » PAUL, WEISS, RIFKIND, WHARTON & GARRISON LLP '285 AVEN U E OF THE AMERICAS NEW YORK. NEW YORK 10019 ' 6064 U N IT 3501, OFFICE TO WER A , 8EUING F",::>RTUNE PLAZA NO 7 OONGSANHUAN Z.HON C L U CH,6.QVA.'-JC DISTRICT TELt:PH ONI::. I ~ IC', J7J-:1000 L LOY O K GARRISON RANDOLPH E BE IJI NG 100020 PEOPLE S RE.FVElLIC OF CHINA r, 946-19911 119 4 6 -1 956. PAU L SIMON H. RIFKIND l. DUl5S WEISS TELEPHONE (1950 - 1995) 12TH FLO OR "927 - 1950) }O).lN F WHARTON ~ e6 ' IO l HON::; )\O NG 58213-6300 cl.ue BUILDING 3A CHATEA ROAO, CENTRAL flg 2? - 19?71 HCNG KONG T£LEf'HO'IE fB~2) 2.646 -0300 ALDE~ CA T L£ 10 NOBLE STAE £:T WRITER'S DIRECT DIAL NUMBER LONDON EC2v 7J U uK TELEPH ONE. 144 ZO) T367 160 0 212-373-3543 FUKOKU 5(1""(1 8UILDINC WRITE.R'S DIRECT FACSIMILE 2-2 UCH I SAIWAICHQ Z-CHOME C HI YODA·KU . TOKYO 100 · 0011 . 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ROSERT B SGI-IU1.AER JA M ES H 5CHWA~ JOMN M SCOTT S TEPHEN.J SI'HMS~"K DAVID R SICLtLAR MOSES SILVERMAN STE: V EN 51 M K IN JOSEPH J SIMONS :o1AfI!:ILYN SOBEL AUOAA J. SOLOWAy SCO l r M SONTAG TARUN M STEWART E:..RIC ALAN S T ONt:: AIDA 11,1 SY NNOTT ROBY!'.' F TAI=tNO~SKY MONI CA K TI--IUJ;i""'IOND OANI( L.J rO A L LlZA N . V C:'A10uEZ MARIA T VU LL O A LE.XAN D RA M ...... AL.Sh .. LAWrHNCE G. WE ~ THEODORE \' WE L LS • .1 R SCTH A \-'w'JLKIN S O N STEvCN J wlL Lr AMS LAWRENCE!. WI T DORCHIC MAR.K B. WLAZLO JULIA I'-IASON WOO~ JORDAN E YARETT KAVE N "I0SH'NQ TONG vu TRACEV.A Z A CCON [ T ROBEr:lT Z OC HOWSKI. JR .t.CI"IITT CO iO TIIC NCW VOfll.1'I. 9.-.1'1 The Honorable Victor Marrero United States District Court Southern District of New York 500 Pearl St. New York, New York 10007 Anwar, et. at v. Failjield Greenwich Limited, No. 09-cv-118 (VM) (FM) Dear Judge Marrero: We represent the Citeo Defendants in the above-captioned case and write in response to Plaintiffs' letter of Loday , in which PlainL seck to rep ly to our April 23, iffs 2014 letter to Your Honor. Based on our understanding of this COUli's rules. Plaintiffs' reply letter in further support of their request for a pre-motion conference IS not permitted. Accordingly, we wi ll not respond to Plaintiffs' reply leHer substantively here. However, we arc concerned by numerous misstatements of fact and law that are made in Plaintiffs ' letter. as well as Plaintiffs' inappropriate assertion of argumenls not included in their moving letter . 2014-04-24 16:12 PAU L WEISS 212 373 2628 » 212 805 6382 P 3/3 PAUL , WEISS, RIFKIND , WHARTON & GARRISON LLP Hon . Victor Marrero 2 We thus respectfully request that if Your Honor is inclined to consider Plaintiffs ' letter, the Citco Defendant.s be given the opporl unity to respo nd brietly so that the record may be corrected. Respectfully, IdJ ;!J1J--­ Andrew Gordon cc : All counsel in Anwar (by email) The Clerk of Court is dire<:ted to enter into the public record of 's act~ the ~!.I. SO ORDERED. DATE l~tter 'D above submitted to the C ourt by

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