Anwar et al v. Fairfield Greenwich Limited et al

Filing 1363

ENDORSED LETTER addressed to Magistrate Judge Frank Maas from David A. Barrett dated 3/5/15 re: Counsel suggests that it may now be appropriate to continue the mediation. ENDORSEMENT: The Court will hold a telephone conference on 4/1/15 at noon to discuss this request. If this date/time are not convenient, counsel should place a conference call promptly to reschedule. Whenever it is held, Mr. Barrett should initiate the call. ( Telephone Conference set for 4/1/2015 at 12:00 PM before Magistrate Judge Frank Maas.) (Signed by Magistrate Judge Frank Maas on 3/13/2015) (mro)

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B 0 I E S, S C H I L L E R F L E X N E R & L L P 575 LEXINGTON AVENUE • 7TH FLOOR • NEW YORK. NY 10022 • PH. 212.446 2300 • FAX 212.446 2350 March 5, 2015 MEMO ENDORSED BY HAND The Honorable Frank Maas United States Magistrate Judge United States District Court 500 Pearl Street New York, New York 10007 '-4 Re: lc; /1 \'-E ~.c ui /1\ o o k_ ~~l.) ll '-' \cL.1S ( cki.. (-.,( h Anwar, eta/. v. Fairfield Greenwich Ltd., eta/. .1-J'fL.f___.c ~ Master File 09-CV -00118 (VM)(FM) C Ol\Jeu.\t:'Gv~ Dear Judge Maas: . c Ull#.''; j\f}.. . A_l L.l GL. l~ d J (_Q_____ 0 L'-----.. ell .s. LU':, <s. -tLz_; ~ +.· J hl-\L_ {c. -~ D cJu:.-o/ cQ__ 1L.u.<::,. lt 0 ~-- ('Uuu_s,e_L c;l{')vlcb-{lcc.Cc.cL- c LC... c~ I.LJ:.L ·. r 0 vccy-~tL \ )b lJ.Jld:'.~ (_! ~-J d· 'C-o ' (LQ.. \ j/ \), . I .r . 'V!e :"Tile_ o~ behalf of the 4nwar plamt1ffs; enneth Kr~s, LiqmClator off·aJrfiel? Sentrf(3n_~-.,..._~Fu~~· JOms m trns Jette.~. As you~ Ho~or m~y. know, on_Mar~h .1, 2015, Judge M~rrcro h!ed an SltvLh .::.1 opmwn (copy enclosedj (eaffirmmg his dec1s10n to certify th1s case as a class actiOn agamst the. . remaining PwC and C:itco defendants in accordance with the Second Circuit's ren~and order. U.LL ·!a.Cc.~ ~-t.c.e.. C 4...LQ_ · In light of Your Honor's comments at the close of the mediation session on Scptem ht;Fi f J fu.,..._, 1 22, 2014, we respectfully suggest that it now may be appropriate to continue the mcdiatiLm ·- ~~~ tL{ ~ . · · - ._ 1 0 Respectfully yours. ~~ David A. Barrett cc (via email w/o ~~ncl.): Timothy i\. Duffy, Esq. Sarah L. Cavv, Esq. David.!. l\1oitcn Esq. RECEIVED MAR ~ 2015 WWW.BSFLLP.COM /t-:3/::;

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