Anwar et al v. Fairfield Greenwich Limited et al

Filing 1464

ENDORSED LETTER re: #1437 MOTION in Limine (Notice of Omnibus Motion in Limine), filed by Pricewaterhousecoopers L.L.P., Pricewaterhouse Coopers Accountants N.V. addressed to Judge Victor Marrero from David A. Barrett dated 11/25/2015 re: Request an extension of time to file response. ENDORSEMENT: Request GRANTED. The time for the parties to file responses to their motions in liminie is extended to 12-18-15. Set Deadlines/Hearing as to #1437 MOTION in Limine (Notice of Omnibus Motion in Limine): (Responses due by 12/18/2015). (Signed by Judge Victor Marrero on 11/25/2015) (spo) Modified on 12/3/2015 (spo).

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11/25/2015 17 41 FAX 212 448 2350 BOIES. BOIES SCHILLER /575 LEXINGTON AVENUE. 7 IH FLOOR. NEW YORK. ~-:u&Jt.SD_NY FLEXNER 10022. PH LLP 212 4-16 ?~00. FAX 21;: 446 2350 November 25, 20!5 ELEC.TRO'.\:I(:ALLYFitED ··' . I DOC#: wr & 002/002 , . .. .OOCU!VIENT r ~ :~CHILLER . ,, .·. ~~T~ l!OC F!llCSIMIL~ . Judge Victor Marrc.To United States District Court Southern District of New York 500 Pearl Street New York, New York 10007 Anwar, et al. v. Fairfield Greenwich Limited, et al. Master File No. 09-CV-OO 118 (VM') CFM) ORIGINAL Di!ar Judge Marrero: We write on behalf of the Anwar Plaintiffs and the PwC Defendant.~ to respectfully request Lhe Court's approval of an extension of time to Oecember 18. 2015, for the parties to iik their responses to the motions in limine which an: presently due today. Thank you for your consideration. Respectfully yours, Ji!~ cc: Sarah Cave. Esq. (hy email) Timothy Duffy, Esq. (by email) WWW l'ISi'"I. LP COM

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