Fairey et al v. The Associated Press

Filing 143

NOTICE OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS by Theresa Marie Trzaskoma on behalf of One 3 Two, Inc.. New Address: Brune & Richard LLP, One Battery Park Plaza, 34th Floor, New York, New York, 10004,. (Trzaskoma, Theresa)

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UN I T E D STATES D I S T RI C T COURT SOUT H E R N D I S T RI C T OF NEW YOR K --------------------------------------------------------X Fairey, et aI., -again s tTh e Associated Press, et al. Plaintiff, De fendan t. X ----------------------------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NO T I CE OF CH A N G E OF ADDRESS I have cases pendin g T O: o I ha ve no cases pending ATTORNEY SE R V I CES C L E R K AND AL L OT H ER PAR T I ES Pursuant to Loca l Rul e 1.3 of thi s Court, please take not ice of the fo ll ow in g attorney information change (5) for:2.~e re sa Tr zaskom~ __________._ _ __ fE] Attorney lE1 I am a United States Di st ri ct Co urt . So uth e rn Di st ri ct of New York attorney . My S ONY Bar Num ber is:_ TT-4 1 ~ ___ : M y Sta te Bar Number is: I am Pro Hac Vice . tt o r n e y I am a Government Agency attorney 2978.::.6.4 ' -_ __ :: 8 :: - o o [B] L a w Firm / G o v e r n m ent Agency Assoc iat ion Address Change From: 80 8road Street, New Yo rk, NY 10004 T o: ----- One Battery Park Plaza, New York, NY 10004 I will cont i nue to be counse l of reco rd on Ihe above-entitl ed case at my ne w firm / agency. o o Address: 1 am no longer counsel of reco rd on the above-ent itl ed case. An order withdrawing my appearance was ent ered on by Jud ge Brune & Ri ch a r d LLP 1 Battery Park Plaza, NY, NY 10004 (2 12) 668- 190 0 o Te lep hone No.: o Fax No.: o E-Mai l Address: -..!l12) 668-031 S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ttrzaskoma@ r u n e a n d r ' b Dated: 10/4/2010

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