Association For Molecular Pathology et al v. United States Patent and Trademark Office et al

Filing 217

ENDORSED LETTER addressed to Judge Robert W. Sweet from Sandra S. Park dated 1/13/2010 re: Counsel for Plaintiffs request the Court's approval for the filing of a memorandum of law of no more than 50 pages. ENDORSEMENT: So ordered. (Signed by Judge Robert W. Sweet on 1/18/2010) (tro)

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Association For Molecular Pathology et al v. United States Patent and Trademark Office et al JAN-13-2010 17:36 FROM: -~ ~ Doc. 217 TO:212 805 7925 .... , .' p .:, =~ ,! :. , > , WOMEN'S RIGHTS PROJECT . ; : ,J , ..............., , ;I .,; JAN 1 3 ;:~, .. l$.!i,,;!!.. P.2'2 .............. ,!? \ ;~; :' , V! .,.: . 2?1,) 1;; !.. ,, ;,, , . , !.'?: ,, , : ,. .... s > . ~. ,. C.. ,-. _ .. . ' , January 13,2010 VIA FACSIMILE (21 21 805-7925 SANDRA S. PARK slafl~norney TR12.519.7871 F/212.548.2580 Honorable Robert W. Sweet Unitcd States Courthou~e 500 Pearl Strcct New York, NY 10007-1312 Rc: Association for Molecular Pathology, et al. v. United States Patent and Trademark Officc, ct al. 1Dear Judge Swet: We represent the Plaintiffs in the above-captioned case. We tiled sets of Defendants filed papers opposing Plaintiffs' motions and moving for summary judgment and judgment on thc pleadim, including o v a 1700 pages in declarations and exhibits. Four additional mici briefs, consisting of hundreds of pages including attachments, have been filed. summary judgment motions in A u p t 2009. In Deccmbcr 2009, bath Plaintiffs' reply brief and opposition briefs are due on January 20,2010. Pursaant to your Individual Rulcs, Plaintiffs have 10 pages for cach r q l y memorandum of law and 25 pagcs for each opposition memorandum. Rathe1 than submit scparate briefs, we would like to file a consolidated memorandum of law ofup to 50 pages. We belicve this will be most efficient in tcrms.of the court's consideration. Counsel for all Defendants have consented to this request. We respectfully roquest that the Court approve thc filing of a memorandum OF law of no more than 50 pages by Plaintiffs. very truly yours, Sandra S. Park cc: (all via e-mail) Counsel for Defendants Ross Goldman B

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