Amastal et al v. Pasta Resources Inc. et al

Filing 13

AMENDED COMPLAINT amending 1 Complaint against Joseph Bastianich, Marion Batali, Il Posto Management LLC, Lidia Matticchio Bastianich, Pasta Resources Inc. with JURY DEMAND.Document filed by Freddy Richards, Richard Shinn, Juan Camarillo, Juan Amastal, Edison Deleg, Nestor Palaquibay, Victor Fonseca, Camerino Galicia, David Juncal, Fabian Quiroga, Cesar Munoz, Jose Checo, Alberto Gonzalez, Abraham Zumba, Christian Flores, Fernando Moran, Jorge Diaz, Javier Ramirez, Wilson Portoviejo, Christian Once, Pamela Benn, Ivan Gonzalez, Marco Guaman, Klever Viri, Jonathan Martinez, Miguel Espinoza, Cornelio Xochimtl. Related document: 1 Complaint,, filed by Abraham Zumba, Cesar Munoz, Marco Guaman, Richard Shinn, Jonathan Martinez, Jorge Diaz, Juan Camarillo, Freddy Richards, David Juncal, Victor Fonseca, Cornelio Xochimtl, Fernando Moran, Alberto Gonzalez, Camerino Galicia, Javier Ramirez, Miguel Espinoza, Fabian Quiroga, Ivan Gonzalez, Christian Once, Christian Flores, Pamela Benn, Klever Viri, Juan Amastal, Nestor Palaquibay, Jose Checo, Edison Deleg, Wilson Portoviejo.(mbe)

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