Cooke et al v. DB 85 Gym Corp et al

Filing 29

ENDORSED LETTER addressed to Judge Alvin K Hellerstein from Corey Stark and Michael J Vollbrecht dated 9/5/2012 re: The case has settled. ENDORSEMENT: A suggestion of settlement having been made, this case is dismissed, subject to restoration by either party within 30 days on notice. All pending court dates are cancelled. The Clerk if directed to close the case. (Signed by Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein on 9/5/2012) (cd)

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1'1 • .... C 'J1I)CQ7?::;:?1.A , DWECK LAW FIRM A suggestlOn of settlement h " been made, tn,s wlthm 30 da) s o~ notlce ~1~es:oratlOn by ellher patty pendmg COUfl dates are cancelled The CI k' d case JS dlsmlssed subject t J\ J,1g . @;?;i:K' " Alvin K Hellerstein U~S D J Date: ~~sr:-¥ PAGE USDCSDNY' . DOCUMENt ELECTRONICALLY FILED .I DOC#: DATE FILED: 'flinlr<­ AW FIRM, LLP ,LLER PLAZA '1.y, 10019 . WssTCHSS"l"JR OFFICE 901 NORTH I!ROADWAY NORTH WHITI! PI,JIlNS, NX 10603 212) 687-8200 (212l697-2521 (212 949-7471 CH'RIS1'OPHER FAASER"­ CONNECTICUT OFFIce GRA,VEI.!SI.ANO ROAD WWW.OlNEC~LAW.COM NEW CAN"AN. CT OSS:40 ERIC J, SCHMJiA.TZ. 1925-2Q10 (203) 912·SOOn ~ AOMfT"ffiDTO N.Y., cONN. AND Ft..A. BARS ... ADTJlTIED TO N,Y•• AND PA. SAA$ -* AOMrrreOTON.Y•• ANON,J. $ARS September 5, 2012 By Facsimile. Han. Alvin K. Helterstein United States District Court Southern District of New York 500 Pearl Street New York, New York 10007 Re: CookelRodino v, DB 85 Gym Corp. e1. al. Civil Action No,: 1I Civ, 0201 (AKH> (RLE) Dear Judge Hellerstein: We are the respective counsel for Plaintiffs and Defendants in the above-referenced marter, We write to report that on Friday AUiUst 31,2012, the parties agreed in principle to settle this matter, Defendants' counsel is preparing a proposed settlement agreement, and we expect to finalize the agreement in the next few weeks. A conference before Your Honor is scheduled for Friday, September 7, 2012, Considering that we are in the process of finalizing the settlement, we respectfully request " cancellation of the conference. The settlement is strictly confidential. Accordingly, we request that the Court omit any reference to the settlement in allY conditional order or Pacer bounce. Respectfully, THE DWECK LAW FIRM:, LLP lsi Corey Stark (CS-3897) GORDON & REES LLP lsI Michael J. Vollbrecht (MV. I 118) 62/02

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