Nowlin v. Fischer et al

Filing 54

OPINION AND ORDER: Defendants filed a Motion to Dismiss in the above-captioned case on April25, 2013.Dkt. No. 47. The Notice of Motion indicates that it was filed on behalf of Defendants William A. Lee, Barry A. Stevens, Jorge Vazquez, and Kerbin Wic kham. It does not indicate that it was filed on behalf of C.O. Ms. Vasquez. However, the memorandum in support of the motion seeks dismissal of "plaintiffs Complaint... in its entirety with prejudice." Def. Br. at 12. Counsel for the Defen dants shall submit a letter to the Court, with a copy mailed to the Plaintiff, on or before December 9, 2013, indicating whether the Motion to Dismiss is submitted on behalf of all Defendants or only the four defendants named in the Notice of Motion. (Signed by Judge Alison J. Nathan on 12/5/2013) Copies Mailed By Chambers(cd)

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