The Authors Guild, Inc. et al v. Hathitrust et al

Filing 136

DECLARATION of Bernt Hugenholtz in Opposition re: 81 MOTION for Summary Judgment.. Document filed by Hathitrust. (Petersen, Joseph)

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EXHIBIT A Curriculum Vitae 1 Family Name: Hugenholtz 2 First Name: P. Bernt 3 Date of Birth: 23 august 1955 4 Nationality: Dutch 5 Civil Status: not married 6 Education / Professional Studies: 1973-1980 1983-1984 1989 Master of laws, University of Groningen Visiting scholar, University of California, Los Angeles Doctor of law (cum laude), University of Amsterdam 7 Membership of Professional Bodies: Vice-chairman, Vereniging voor Auteursrecht (Dutch chapter of ALAI) ; Founder, Vereniging voor Media- en Communicatierecht (Dutch Association for Media and Communications Law (VMC); General Editor, Information Law Series, Kluwer Law International; Member, Scientific Council, Max Planck Institute, Munich; Member, Advisory Committee, CIPIL, Cambridge University; Member, Board of Editors, Journal of World Intellectual Property (JWIP); Member, Association Internationale pour la Protection pour la Protection de la Propriété Industrielle (AIPPI) ; Member, Association for Teaching and Research in Intellectual property (ATRIP). 8 Present Position: Director, Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Law Professor of Intellectual Property Law, University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Law Professor II, University of Bergen, Faculty of Law 9 Key Qualifications: Prof. Hugenholtz is a leading expert in the field of Information Law. He is the author of numerous books, published articles, book chapters, reports and studies, and the co-author of European Copyright Law (2006) and International Copyright (2010). He has acted as a consultant to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the European Commission, the European Parliament and several national governments, and has produced studies for the European Commission, the European Parliament, WIPO, UNESCO and various Dutch government agencies. He is a member of the Dutch Copyright Committee that advises the Minister of Justice of the Netherlands. He is a regular invited speaker at international conferences, including the annual Fordham Conferences on International Intellectual Property Law & Policy. Prof. Hugenholtz teaches courses on International and European copyright law at the University of Amsterdam, the Munich IP Law Centre, the University of Bergen (Norway), Monash University (Melbourne), and occasionally at other universities. Prof. Hugenholtz is also an adjunct-judge at the Court of Appeals in Arnhem. 10 Professional Experience Record: 1981-1983 1984 - present 1990 - 1998 1992 - present 2007 2008 - present Legal Advisor, Ministry of Culture, Dept. of Radio, Television and Press, Rijswijk (legal and policy matters in the field of media and copyright law) Professor of Intellectual Property Law, University of Amsterdam, Institute for Information Law Advocate (attorney, specialized in IP law), Stibbe, Amsterdam Director, Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam, Fritt Ord Professor, University of Bergen, InfoMedia Institute Professor II, University of Bergen, Faculty of Law 11 Publications1 Books (English) (with A. W. Hins) The Law of International Telecommunications in the Netherlands, Nomos, Baden-Baden 1988. (with E.J. Dommering (eds.) ), Protecting Works of Fact: Copyright, Freedom of Expression and Information Law, Information Law Series, Vol. 1, Kluwer, Deventer/Boston 1991. (with W.F. Korthals Altes, E.J. Dommering, and J.J.C. Kabel, eds. ), Information Law towards the 21st Century, Information Law Series, Vol. 2, Kluwer, Deventer/Boston 1992. (ed.), The Future of Copyright in a Digital Environment. Proceedings of the Royal Academy Colloquium organised by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW) and the Institute for Information Law (Amsterdam 6-7 July 1995), Information Law Series, Vol. 4, Kluwer, The Hague/London/Boston 1996. (ed.), Copyright and Electronic Commerce. Legal aspects of electronic copyright management, Information Law Series, Vol. 8, Kluwer, The Hague/London/Boston 2000. (with L. Guibault, eds.) The Future of the Public Domain - Identifying the Commons in Information Law, The Hague, Kluwer Law International, 2006 (377 pages) . (with T. Dreier, eds.), European Copyright Law, Concise IP Series, vol. 2, Kluwer Law International 2006 (ISBN 90-411-2384-9), 476 p. (with Paul Goldstein), International Copyright. Principles, Law, and Practice, Second Edition, New York: Oxford University Press 2010, ISBN 9780199737109, 592 pp. Selected articles and book chapters (English) Copyright Aspects of Data Banks, Rapport néerlandais, ALAI Congrès 1989, L’informatique et le droit d’auteur, Cowansville (Québec) 1990, p. 390-397. 1 More extensive listings of publications in Dutch and English are available at and ‘Convergence and divergence in intellectual property law: the case of the Software Directive’, in: W.F. Korthals Altes, E.J. Dommering, P.B. Hugenholtz, J.J.C. Kabel (red.), Information law towards the 21st century, Deventer/Boston: Kluwer Law and Taxation Publishers 1992, p. 319-324. ‘Database protection in the EC’, AIPPI XXXVe Congrès - Tokyo 1992, Annuaire 1992/III, Zurich: AIPPI 1992, p. 341-343. ‘Copyright, document delivery and the information superhighway’, in: Nordic Conference on Copyright Issues, Proceedings of a conference organised by NORDINFO, Espo (Finland) 1995, p. 119-129. ‘Adapting copyright to the information superhighway’, in: P.B. Hugenholtz (ed.), The future of copyright in a digital environment, Den Haag/London/Boston: Kluwer Law International 1996, p. 81-102. Copyright Problems of Multimedia. Licensing in the digital era, IRIS Legal observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory, 1995 Special issue, p. 27-33. Copyright and Databases, Report on the Netherlands, in: M. 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