Capitol Records, LLC v. Redigi Inc.

Filing 138

NOTICE OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS by Gary Philip Adelman on behalf of Redigi Inc.. New Address: Adelman Matz P.C., 1173A Second Avenue, Ste 153, New York, New York, United States of America 10065, (646) 650-2207. (Adelman, Gary)

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK -------------------------------------------------------- CAPITOL RECORDS, LLC Case No. 12cv00095 Plaintiff, -against- REDIGI INC., et al., Defendant. --------------------------------------------------------NOTICE OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS TO: ATTORNEY SERVICES CLERK AND ALL OTHER PARTIES 9 ✔ I have cases pending 9 I have no cases pending Pursuant to Local Rule 1.3 of this Court, please take notice of the following attorney information change (s) for: GARY ADELMAN _________________________________________________ FILL IN ATTORNEY NAME GA7138 2441145 My SDNY Bar Number is:_________________ My State Bar Number is ______________ I am, ✔ 9 9 9 An attorney A Government Agency attorney A Pro Hac Vice attorney FIRM INFORMATION (Include full name of firm (OLD AND NEW ), address, telephone number and fax number): OLD FIRM: FIRM FIRM FIRM FIRM Davis Shapiro & Lewit LLP NAME:_______________________________________________ 414 West 14th Street, 5th Fl, New York, NY 10014 ADDRESS:____________________________________________ (212) 230-5500 TELEPHONE NUMBER:________________________________ (212) 230-5510 FAX NUMBER:________________________________________ NEW FIRM: FIRM FIRM FIRM FIRM Adelman Matz P.C. NAME:_______________________________________________ 1173A Second Ave., Ste 153, New York, NY 10065 ADDRESS:____________________________________________ (646) 650-2207 TELEPHONE NUMBER:________________________________ (646) 650-2108 FAX NUMBER:________________________________________ ✔ 9 9 Dated: 11/11/13 I will continue to be counsel of record on the above-entitled case at my new firm/agency. I am no longer counsel of record on the above-entitled case. An order withdrawing my appearance was entered on ______________ by Judge_________________________. ____________________________ ATTORNEY’S SIGNATURE

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