White et al v. West Publishing Corporation et al

Filing 54

DECLARATION of Gregory A. Blue in Support re: #53 MOTION for Summary Judgment (Notice of Motion Previously Filed).. Document filed by Edward L. White, P.C.. (Attachments: #1 Exhibit A - Amended Complaint, #2 Exhibit B - West Answer, #3 Exhibit C - Lexis Answer, #4 Exhibit D - West Response RFA, #5 Exhibit E - Lexis Response RFA, #6 Exhibit F - Copyright Reg. Certificate, #7 Exhibit G - Copyright Reg. Certificate)(Blue, Gregory)

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK EDWARD L. WHITE, P.C., 12-CV-1340 (JSR) ECF CASE Plaintiff, - against WEST PUBLISHING CORPORATION d/b/a “West”; and REED ELSEVIER INC., d/b/a LexisNexis, Defendants. DECLARATION OF GREGORY A. BLUE IN SUPPORT OF PLAINTIFF’S MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT GREGORY A. BLUE declares as follows: 1. I am counsel to the Plaintiff in this action. I have personal knowledge of the facts set forth herein. 2. Attached hereto as Exhibit A is a copy of the Amended Complaint in this Action. 3. Attached hereto as Exhibit B is a copy of the Answer of West Publishing Corporation (“West”) to the Amended Complaint. 4. Attached hereto as Exhibit C is a copy of the Answer of Reed Elsevier Inc. (“Lexis”) to the Amended Complaint. 5. Attached hereto as Exhibit D is a copy of West’s response to Plaintiff’s Request for Admissions.   1 6. Attached hereto as Exhibit E is a copy of Lexis’s response to Plaintiff’s Request for Admissions. 7. Attached hereto as Exhibit F is a copy of Copyright Registration Certificate Number TX 7-249-439. 8. Attached hereto as Exhibit G is a copy of the Copyright Registration Certificate Number TX-7-417-300. I declare that the foregoing is true under penalty of perjury. Executed on: October 5, 2012, New York, NY /s/ Gregory A. Blue Gregory A. Blue   2

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