Unites States of America v. Apple, Inc. et al

Filing 212

JOINT STIPULATION ADJOURNING PRE-TRIAL DEADLINES CONCERNING DEFENDANTS HOLTZBRINCK PUBLISHERS, LLC D/B/A MACMILLAN AND VERLAGSGRUPPE GEORG VON HOLTZBRINCK GMBH: The parties to this Joint Stipulation, by and through the undersigned counsel, hereby stipulate and agree as follows: Macmillan and VGvH will not participate as defendants in the Trial. The Pre-Trial Deadlines and all other existing and future deadlines and requirements pertaining to the Trial shall not apply to Macmillan or to VGvH, and shall not apply to Plaintiffs insofar as they concern Macmillan or VGvH, unless otherwise ordered by the Court. In the event that this Court does not approve any of the settlements between the U.S. Department of Justice, the plaintiff States, Macmillan, and VGvH, the parties to any such disapproved settlement shall meet and confer within ten (10) days of the Order disapproving the settlement to devise a plan for trial or other resolution of their claims to present to this Court for its approval. This Joint Stipulation is without prejudice to any claims by Plaintiffs against Macmillan and VGvH, and any defenses thereto, in the event that the Court does not approve one or more of the settlements between those parties, in whole or in part. (Signed by Judge Denise L. Cote on 4/26/2013) (lmb)

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