Unites States of America v. Apple, Inc. et al

Filing 374

PLAINTIFF UNITED STATES FINAL JUDGMENT AND PLAINTIFF STATES ORDER ENTERING PERMANENT INJUNCTION: This Final Judgment applies to Apple and each of its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, employees, successors, and assigns, to any successor to any substantial part of the business, and to all other Persons acting in concert with Apple and having actual notice of this Final Judgment. On or before the Effective Date of this Final Judgment, Apple shall either modify any Agency Agreement with a Publisher Defendant to comply with Section III.C of this Final Judgment or terminate any Agency Agreement with a Publisher Defendant that does not comply with Section III. C of this Final Judgment.To ensure its compliance with this Final Judgment and the antitrust laws, Apple shall perform the activities enumerated below in Sections V.A through V.J of this Final Judgment. Within thirty days after the Effective Date of this Final Judgment, Apple's Audit Committee, or another committee comprised entirely of outside directors (i.e., directors not also employed by Apple), shall designate a person not employed by Apple as of the Effective Date of the Final Judgment to serve as Antitrust Compliance Officer, who shall report to the Audit Committee or equivalent committee of Apple's Board of Directors and shall be responsible, on a full-time basis until the expiration of this Final Judgment, for supervising Apple's antitrust compliance efforts and performance of the following. This Final Judgment shall take effect 30 days after the date on which it is entered.If the Final Judgment is stayed, all time periods in the Final Judgment will be tolled during the stay. All other provisions as further set forth in this order (Signed by Judge Denise L. Cote on 9/5/2013) (js) Modified on 9/6/2013 (js).

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