Unites States of America v. Apple, Inc. et al

Filing 76

STATUS REPORT. Revised Joint Initial Report Document filed by Unites States of America. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit Schedule, # 2 Exhibit Revised ESI Report)Filed In Associated Cases: 1:11-md-02293-DLC et al.(Syme, Carrie)

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ATTACHMENT A: SCHEDULE Roman type indicates dates ordered by the Court. Italic type indicates additional dates agreed to by the parties. All dates remain subject to Court discretion. State Plaintiffs requested by letter dated June 26, 2012 to have all issues of liability and injunctive relief in the State Action tried to the Court concurrently with the DOJ Action. Joint Initial Report and Joint Electronic Discovery Submission No. 1 and [Proposed] Order (“ESI Order”) filed June 15, 2012 (refiled as amended July 6, 2012) Custodian Lists served June 20, 2012 Initial disclosures served (on or about) June 22, 2012 Answers to Second Amended Complaint in State Action filed June 22, 2012 Court status conference June 22, 2012 Parties serve objections to any other party’s document production plan (ESI Order, item 6(a)) and Custodian List July 6, 2012 Last date to complete the meet-and-confer process on document production plan objections July 18, 2012 Parties to contact chambers of the Honorable Kimba Wood to schedule settlement discussions July 20, 2012 Parties to complete initial document collection and provide information set forth in ESI Order at 6(a) July 31, 2012 [Interim dates for rolling document production and check-in conferences] [TBA] DOJ to file motion for proposed final judgment against Settling Defendants (Tunney Act Motion) August 3, 2012 Stay as to Settling Defendants expires August 10, 2012 Oppositions to Tunney Act Motion August 15, 2012 37 States to file motion for preliminary approval of settlement with Settling Defendants August 20, 2012 DOJ Reply on Tunney Act Motion August 22, 2012 Fact depositions may begin September 17, 2012 Initial trial witness lists due December 18, 2012 Parties to identify experts and testimony subject matter pursuant to Joint Initial Report 8(b) November 16, 2012 Opening class certification brief served November 16, 2012 Opposition to class certification brief served December 14, 2012 Reply brief on class certification brief served January 18, 2013 Privilege logs served January 9, 2013 Opening expert reports served January 25, 2013 Rebuttal expert reports served February 15, 2013 End of fact and expert discovery March 22, 2013 Dates below apply to the DOJ Action only, unless ordered otherwise by the Court Joint Preliminary Trial Report (including Proposed Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, Memoranda of Law, direct testimony affidavits, and deposition designations) filed or served, as stated in Court’s June 25, 2012 Scheduling Order April 26, 2013 In limine motions filed April 26, 2013 Parties to file list of affiants to be cross-examined May 1, 2013 Parties to file responsive memoranda of law (if any) May 3, 2013 In limine motion oppositions filed May 3, 2013 In limine motion replies filed May 8, 2013 38 Final Pretrial Conference May 24, 2013 Trial June 3, 2013 Dates below apply to the State Action and Class Action only, unless ordered otherwise by the Court Summary judgment motions filed September 13, 2013 Summary judgment motion oppositions filed October 4, 2013 Summary judgment motion replies filed October 18, 2013 39

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