Sergeants Benevolent Association Health & Welfare Fund, et al. v. Actavis, PLC, et al.

Filing 886

ORDER: In working my way through the in limine motions I see that the parties (or at least Defendants) are under the impression that my decision to bifurcate the issues of liability and damages applied only in the DPP case. It does not. There is ju st as much reason (perhaps more) to bifurcate the issues of liability and damages at the IPP trial, and we will do so. I am not aware of having said anything specific to the contrary, but if I did, I take it back. I have reached the conclusion that there is simply no other way to try this case if it is to be tried to a jury. (Signed by Judge Colleen McMahon on 8/2/2022) BY ECF TO ALL COUNSEL (kv) (Main Document 886 replaced on 8/2/2022) (kv).

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