Min v. Aratana Therapeutics, Inc. et al

Filing 19

OPINION & ORDER re: (14 in 1:17-cv-00880-PAE, 14 in 1:17-cv-00880-PAE, 14 in 1:17-cv-00880-PAE) MOTION to Consolidate Cases 17-cv-01446 . MOTION to Appoint Jesse Stone to serve as lead plaintiff(s) . MOTION to Appoint Counse l filed by Jesse Stone, (11 in 1:17-cv-00880-PAE) MOTION to Appoint Joseph Bessent, John Corbitt, and Eric Pearson to serve as lead plaintiff(s) AND CONSOLIDATION OF THE ACTIONS AND APPROVAL OF SELECTION OF COUNSEL filed by Arat ana Investor Group. To summarize, these two cases, No. 17 Civ. 880 (PAE) and No. 17 Civ. 1446 (PAE), are now consolidated for all purposes, and shall proceed under the name, In re Aratana Therapeutics Inc. Securities Litigation, and under the case n umber, No. 17 Civ. 880 (PAE). The Investor Group's motion seeking appointment as lead plaintiff is granted. Stone's motion to serve as lead plaintiff is denied. The Court appoints Levi & Korsinsky LLP as lead counsel. The Clerk of Court is directed to terminate the motions pending at No. 17 Civ. 880 (PAE), Dkts. 11 and 14. In light of the consolidation, the Clerk of Court is also directed to close the Dezi case, No. 17 Civ. 1446 (PAE). The Court directs the parties to meet and con fer and, by two weeks from the date of this order, to submit a joint letter to the Court with an efficient proposed schedule for next steps in this case-including proposed dates for the filing of (1) a consolidated amended complaint and(2) defendant s' response. If defendants anticipate that their response will take the form of a motion to dismiss, the parties shall include proposed dates for the opposition and reply briefs as well. SO ORDERED. (Signed by Judge Paul A. Engelmayer on 6/6/2017) Filed In Associated Cases: 1:17-cv-00880-PAE, 1:17-cv-01446-PAE(anc)

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