Sands v. Bauer Media Group USA, LLC

Filing 56

MEMORANDUM OPINION: For the foregoing reasons, defendant's motion to dismiss the action as a sanction for alleged discovery misconduct or, alternatively, to strike portions of the evidence that plaintiff has submitted in support of a motion fo r summary judgment or require a bond as security for costs and fees pursuant to Local Civ. R. 54.2 [DI 38], is granted to the extent that plaintiff's counsel, Mr. Liebowitz, shall pay defendant's reasonable attorney's fees, for makin g and litigating this motion, and plaintiff shall show cause, on or before October 2, 2019, why the Court should not condition plaintiffs ability to proceed with this action on the posting of a bond or other sufficient security in the amount of &# 036;50,000 for costs and attorney's fees in this action, and otherwise denied. Plaintiff's motion for partial summary judgment [DI 25] is denied. SO ORDERED. (Signed by Judge Lewis A. Kaplan on 9/18/2019) (jca) Transmission to Finance Unit (Cashiers) for processing.

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