Zamora et al v. L Plus L Productions LLC

Filing 85

ORDER: The oral argument scheduled for October 27, 2020 shall occur as a videoconference using the Skype platform. To optimize the quality of the video feed, only the Court, Plaintiffs counsel, and Defendant's counsel will appear by video for t he proceeding; all others will participate by telephone. Due to the limited capacity of the Skype system, only one counsel per party may participate. Co-counsel, members of the press, and the public may access the audio feed of the conference by call ing (917) 933-2166 and entering the conference ID 874945341. To optimize use of the Court's video conferencing technology, all participants in the call must: 1. Use a browser other than Microsoft Explorer to access Skype for Business; 2. Positio n the participant's device as close to the WiFi router as is feasible; 3. Ensure any others in the participant's household are not using WiFi during the period of the call; 4. Unless the participant is using a mobile telephone to access Sky pe for Business, connect to audio by having the system call the participant; If there is ambient noise, the participant must mute his or her device when not speaking. Further, all participants must identify themselves every time they speak, spell any proper names for the court reporter, and take care not to interrupt or speak over one another. Finally, all of those accessing the conference - whether in listen-only mode or otherwise recording or rebroadcasting of the proceeding is prohibited by law. are reminded that To the extent that there are any documents relevant to the proceeding, counsel should submit them to the Court (by email or on ECF, as appropriate) prior to the proceeding. (Signed by Judge George B. Daniels on 10/14/2020) (nb)

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