DeLeon v. City of New York et al

Filing 45

ORDER: terminating 43 Letter Motion for Discovery. The Court will issue individual orders directed at each agency and hospital to whom a release is directed. Plaintiff's counsel must email to Chambers unredacted versions of each release not later than June 9, 2021. SO ORDERED. (Signed by Judge Valerie E. Caproni on 6/07/2021) (ama)

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Case 1:20-cv-08796-VEC Document 43 Filed 05/25/21 Page 1 of 1 BROMBERG LAW OFFICE, P.C. Brian L. Bromberg (Admitted in NY, NJ & CA) Joshua Tarrant-Windt, Associate (Admitted in NY) May 25, 2021 MEMO ENDORSED 352 Rutland Road, #1 Brooklyn, NY 11225 Phone: (212) 248-7906 Fax: (212) 248-7908 Via ECF Honorable Valerie E. Caproni, U.S.D.J. Southern District of New York 40 Foley Square New York, NY 10007 Re: USDC SDNY DOCUMENT ELECTRONICALLY FILED DOC #: DATE FILED: Deleon v. City of New York, et al. SDNY Case No. 20-CV-8796 (VEC) Dear Judge Caproni: My office, together with co-counsel, represents the plaintiff, Andrew DeLeon, in the above-referenced civil-rights case against the City of New York and against several police officers for false arrest and excessive force. I am writing because Plaintiff's counsel has been trying to get notarized releases from our client, but has been unable to do so because he is in custody in the Dominican Republic based on charges completely unrelated to this case. Mr. DeLeon has been able to sign the various release forms, but has not been able to get them notarized in prison and Mr. DeLeon does not know how long he will be incarcerated. I am attaching copies of the releases with personal identifiers removed, so Your Honor can see that they have, in fact, been signed. Plaintiff requests that in light of these unusual circumstances, Your Honor issue an order directing the various agencies and hospitals to comply with the releases, even though they have not been notarized. Defendant City of New York consents to this request. I was finalizing this letter when I received Your Honor’s minute order directing that Plaintiff explain the delay in this case. No fault lies with the defendants or their counsel. As explained above, my co-counsel and I have been having difficulty moving this case ahead, because of the unusual situation that has arisen and the parties believe that an order directing the acceptance of the un-notarized release will help expedite matters. Respectfully, /s/ Brian L. Bromberg Brian L. Bromberg cc: All Counsel of Record (Via ECF) SO ORDERED. HON. VALERIE CAPRONI UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE Case 1:20-cv-08796-VEC Document 43-1 Filed 05/25/21 Page 1 of 5 Case 1:20-cv-08796-VEC Document 43-1 Filed 05/25/21 Page 2 of 5 Case 1:20-cv-08796-VEC Document 43-1 Filed 05/25/21 Page 3 of 5 Case 1:20-cv-08796-VEC Document 43-1 Filed 05/25/21 Page 4 of 5 Case 1:20-cv-08796-VEC Document 43-1 Filed 05/25/21 Page 5 of 5

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