Securities and Exchange Commission v. AT&T Inc. et al

Filing 121

ORDER: The Court has received a motion from defendants to (1) strike plaintiff SEC's Rule 56.1 Statement, Dkt. 92; (2) not require defendants to respond to any paragraphs not mentioned in the SEC's summary judgment briefing; or (3) allow de fendants to "respond topically, rather than paragraph by paragraph" to the SEC's 56.1 statement. Dkt. 119. This motion is denied. The factual record of this case is large and complex. It is unsurprising that the SEC's Rule 56.1 statement would be lengthy. To the considerable extent that this statement recapitulates facts to which the parties stipulated in their joint statement of undisputed facts ("JSF"), there is no need for defendants to respond save to note t he parties' stipulation. For avoidance of doubt, the defendants' deadline to respond to the SEC's 56.1 statement of May 20, 2022 stands. See Dkt. 77 (deadline to file any opposition to summary judgment); Local Civil Rule 56.1(b) (parties opposing summary judgment shall respond to each numbered paragraph). SO ORDERED., ( Responses due by 5/20/2022) (Signed by Judge Paul A. Engelmayer on 5/10/2022) (ama)

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