Doe 1 v. JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Filing 284

ORDER AND FINAL JUDGMENT: The Court hereby certifies, for the purposes of the Settlement only, this Action as a class action pursuant to Rules 23(a) and (b)(3) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure on behalf of the Class consisting of all perso ns who were harmed, injured, exploited, or abused by Jeffrey Epstein, or by any person who is connected to or otherwise associated with Jeffrey Epstein or any Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking venture, from January 1, 1998, to August 10, 2019. Pursuan t to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23, the Court hereby approves the Settlement set forth in the Stipulation. Accordingly, the Court authorizes and directs implementation and performance of all the terms and provisions of the Stipulation, as well as the terms and provisions hereof. The Court hereby dismisses the Litigation and all Released Claims with prejudice. The Settling Parties are to bear their own costs, except as and to the extent provided in the Stipulation and herein. The Court fi nds that Defendant has satisfied its financial obligations under the Stipulation by paying or causing to be paid $290,000,000 to the Qualified Settlement Fund, in accordance with paragraph 2.2 of the Stipulation. This Litigation and all Releas ed Claims are dismissed with prejudice. The parties are to bear their own costs, except as otherwise agreed to in writing by the Settling Parties or as otherwise provided in the Stipulation or this Judgment. There is no reason for delay in the entry of this Judgment and the Court expressly directs immediate entry of this Judgment by the Clerk of the Court. (Signed by Judge Jed S. Rakoff on 11/13/2023) (ate) Transmission to Finance Unit (Cashiers) for processing.

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