Securities and Exchange Commission v. Bronson et al

Filing 278

ORDER: IT IS ORDERED that Ryan Stumphauzer shall serve as Liquidating Trustee for the purpose of causing the sale of the Designated Securities in amounts and quantities sufficient to generate the proceeds necessary to timely satisfy the periodic payments ordered by this Court and the fees and costs associated with his appointment. IT IS ORDERED that the Liquidating Trustee shall be authorized to and is hereby directed to liquidate the Designated Securities, subject to a daily trading limit for each issuer equal to 10% of the trading volume for the security on the last day on which reported trading volume. IT IS ORDERED that Top Knot and Bronson are hereby ordered and directed to take all reasonable efforts to cooperate with the Liquidating Trustee to facilitate his performance of all duties and obligations under this Order. IT IS ORDERED that the Liquidating Trustee satisfy the amounts Bronson and ELionheart owe in the following order: (i) penalties and postjudgment interest thereon that Bronson owes; (ii) penalties and postjudgment interest thereon that ELionheart owes; (iii) all disgorgement, prejudgment interest and postjudgment intere st thereon. The Liquidating Trustee shall contact counsel of record for the Commission for the amount of penalties and post judgment interest due and owing. The Liquidating Trustee will pay these penalties to the Securities and Exc hange Commission ("Commission") by any of the following means: Payment may be made electronically to the Commission, which will provide detailed ACH transfer/Fedwire instructions upon request. Payment may also be made direct ly from a bank account via through the SEC website at htts:// The Liquidating Trustee may also pay by certified check, bank cashier's check, or United States postal money order, made payable to the Sec urities and Exchange Commission and setting fort the title and civil action number of this action and the name of this Court; and specifying that payment is made pursuant to this Judgment. The funds may be hand-delivered or mailed to: Enterprise Services Center Accounts Receivable Branch HQ Bldg., Room 181, AMZ-341 6500 South MacArthur Boulevard Oklahoma City, OK 73169. All other provisions as further set forth in this order. So Ordered (Signed by Judge Kenneth M. Karas on 8/17/2021) (js)

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