Cabello-Setlle et al v. County of Sullivan et al

Filing 70

ORDER: In order to facilitate the progress of pre-trial discovery of this litigation in a just, speedy and inexpensive manner, to ensure compliance with the case management plan, and to prevent the accumulation of unresolved discovery issues, the following procedures will be followed for the resolution of discovery disputes: The party objecting to disclosure, claiming an insufficient response to a discovery request or asserting a privilege bears the burden of coming forward by bringi ng the dispute to the attention of the Court as hereinafter set forth. The attention of counsel and the parties is respectfully directed to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(d) regarding the conduct of depositions. If a privilege objection is raised at a deposition, counsel are directed to contact chambers by telephone during the deposition for a ruling. ( As further set forth in this Order.) (Signed by Magistrate Judge Judith C. McCarthy on 3/27/2024) (vfr)

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