Bounkhoun v. Barnes et al

Filing 20

REPORT AND RECOMMENDATIONS RE: 10 MOTION TO DISMISS FOR FAILURE TO STATE A CLAIM filed by Christopher D. D'Amato, Esq., Ross M. Cellino, Esq., Cellino & Barnes, P.C., Steven E. Barnes, Esq.; and 11 MOTION for Sanctions Pursuant to F.R.C.P. 11 filed by Christopher D. D'Amato, Esq., Ross M. Cellino, Esq., Cellino & Barnes, P.C., Steven E. Barnes, Esq.Objections due per 28 U.S.C. § 636(b) and Fed. R. Civ. P. 72.Signed by Hon. Hugh B. Scott on 4/11/2017. (Attachments: # 1 Appendix A, # 2 Appendix B)(GAI)

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LAvVS 01" Tin: STATE l'.\~~r.1> A'l' 'J'BI: 01-d~ I-luNDHFJD ANn Foun'rn Sr~ss10N OI" Tll ..: LEGISLA'rUilE. BEGUN .JANUAltY FOURTH AND ENDED .JlJLY 'l'WEN',_'Y-'J'IIIH.D, l'Sl, IN 'l'll:E ('l'l'Y 01•' AJ,BANY. Vol. III. ALBANY: WEED, PARSONS AND COMPANY, PRINTEns. 1881. 'l'IlE PENAL CODE § 14G. A clerk of any court who willfnll,r iwrmits anv J DI•clo•uro detHl~It1< 111 • r e ol t11rn1•1 1 1 iy <le1>osition retnrne<l 1J,. a boTaiHl J.Ul'.)' aml filed with su<'h J • he i11spedetl by any per1'011, t•xeL'l't the comt, the ' ,. ] ]' ' or ass1sta11 t s o.t sn<· l 1 c1er.:, :UHl t ]ie < 1stl'lct aitorJwy ~'i':;:·:,~~•-rY derk, to S<'llt n11mt. l ' t eput1es allll his is guilty asE-istants, until aftt'l' the arrC'st of the defe1Hla11t~ of a 111istlemeanor. ~ 1-17. A pe1·snn concer1wtl in any raeing, rmming, or other trial of :-;11el'tl lietwt•e11 l10rses.. or otlwr animals, within u1w mile of the place \rhere a c<~nrt i:-; aetnally sitting, is gnilt;' of a 111i:-;<1eml'a110r. Hndni.: near a court. ~ ::l!lscond11ct by utt 1Jr11ny~. " . 1-18. An attomey or ('Ollllselor who, 1. Is guilty of :rny deceit or coll11:-;io11, OJ' cousentfi to m~y <leeeit or collusi!ln, with intent tu deceive tlw court or any party as prohiuitetl liy section 70 of the Code uf Civil Procetlure; or, :!. ·willfully <h•lays his elient's suit wit.h a view to his own gain; or, willfully recei,·es any money or allowance for or on aeeount of any money which he has not lai<l out, or lwco11w answerahh, for, as prohil>ite<l hy section 71 of the Collu of Civil PJ'OCl~llure, Is guilty of n niisc~e111em10J', and in mltlition to the pn11isl1lll<'ll (, pn~scri lwcl therefor 1>)' this Cmk•, he forfeits to the party injured trehlu damages, to be reeovpred in n ci\'il action. P .. r11111- ti11c attor- ul'\··, 11a111u to ll'C!I · ho ~ 1-Hl. H an attomey lrnowingh· iwrmits any 1wrson, • • • • Jl<>t' J,niJ1•r 111':•-; h 11·encr·1l h\\· 1i·1rt1wJ• or '·1 t•lt>rk in his olli<'e ' to \.... 0 ' ' ' ~ 1 • sun out. an,\· proeess 01· to prosNm t e or c ef e11<1 any ac t'1011 m hi-i Jtalll(', t•xel•pt as m1thorizC'cl liy the 11Pxt section, Sll<'h at tor1w;', and <'\'l'I)' person \\·ho sl1all su use his name, is '"lliltv of a rnisdl'mea11or. ,,1 '- ~ Ill "hat C'/1...,p-, I.1"f11I. ~ liiO. \Vlw11<~\·er an action or proc•pcding is antlwrizell l >y ]a,;. to he prosecukll nr <lefelll1cd in tlw name of the people, oJ' of a11y puhlie office!', l)()arcl of officers, or municipal corporation, on l>ehalr of :uwtlwr party, tho attnmey·g'<'ll· t•ml, ul' Llislriet attumey, or attorney of :-;uch pul>lic otlicer

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