World Trade Center Properties, L.L.C. et al v. United Airlines, Inc. et al

Filing 90

AMENDED ORDER AND OPINION RESOLVING INTERVENOR'S MOTION TO UNSEAL DOCUMENTS: For the reasons discussed in this Opinion, the Times' motion is granted in part and denied in part. The aggregate amount of the settlement and its allocation among contributing insurers shall be disclosed to the public. The allocation of settlement proceeds among the settling plaintiffs as well as confidential documents exchanged in the course of damages discovery, settlement negotiations and mediation shall r emain under seal. By July 14, 2010, the parties shall submit redacted versions, complying with this Order, of all papers submitted in connection with the motion for approval of the settlement, including the transcript of the May 27,2010 oral argument on the motion. The Clerk shall mark the motion (Doc. No. 1164) as terminated. (Signed by Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein on 7/1/2010) Filed In Associated Cases: 1:21-mc-00101-AKH, 1:08-cv-03719-AKH, 1:08-cv-03722-AKH(jpo)

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