The Authors Guild, Inc. et al v. Hathitrust et al

Filing 147

DECLARATION of James Fruchterman in Support re: 74 MOTION for Summary Judgment.. Document filed by Georgina Kleege, Blair Seidlitz, The National Federation of the Blind, Courtney Wheeler. (Goldstein, Daniel)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK THE AUTHORS GUILD, INC., et al., Plaintiffs, Case No. 11-cv-635l(HB) v. HATHITRUST, et al., Defendants. SECOND SUPPLEMENTAL DECLARATION OF .TAMES FRUCHTERMAN IN SUPPORT OF DEFENDANT INTERVENORS' MOTION FOB SUMMARY .JUDGMENT I, James Fruchtennan, do hereby declare that: 1. To reproduce. and distribute high quality digital copies of texts to individuals with print disabilities, Bookshare® has found it necessary to grant employees, subcontractors and volunteers, who arc primarily sighted people without print disabilities, full access to the texts of the digital books and pcriodical.s. 2. It is a fundamental requirement for accessibiLity work that people without print disabilities are the pdmacy personnel used to make accessible versions of inaccessible content. To put it simply, if blind people could easily and automatically gain full access to printed books and graphics, they wouldn't need the help of sighted people to enter, proofread, fonnat or describe such books t:o create accessible versions. Dated: James Fmchterman

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