Kinney et al v. Bristol-Myers Squib Company et al

Filing 35

TRANSFER ORDER re: pldg. (3 in CAN/3:12-cv-04477, 3 in CAN/3:12-cv-04478, 3 in CAN/3:12-cv-04615, 3 in CAN/3:12-cv-04616, 3 in CAN/3:12-cv-04617, 3 in CAN/3:12-cv-04619, 3 in CAN/3:12-cv-04633, 3 in CAN/3:12-cv-04641, 3 in CAN/3:12-cv-04642, 3 in CAN/3:12-cv-04803, 3 in CAN/3:12-cv-05208, 3 in IAN/5:12-cv-04091, 3 in ILS/3:11-cv-00246, 3 in LAW/6:12-cv-01785, 4 in MDL No. 2418, 3 in MSN/1:12-cv-00179, 3 in NJ/3:07-cv-00908, 3 in NJ/3:12-cv-05059, 3 in NYE/1:11-cv-03246, 3 in NYS/1:11-cv-05 159, 3 in PAE/2:12-cv-00299, 3 in PAE/2:12-cv-00514), ( 1 in MDL No. 2418) Transferring 7 action(s) to Judge Freda L. Wolfson in the D. New Jersey and Denying transfer of 12 actions (N.D. California (11 actions)), N.D. Mississippi (1 action)) . Signed by Judge John G. Heyburn II, Chairman, PANEL ON MULTIDISTRICT LITIGATION, on 2/12/2013. Associated Cases: MDL No. 2418, CAN/3:12-cv-04477, CAN/3:12-cv-04478, CAN/3:12-cv-04615, CAN/3:12-cv-04616, CAN/3:12-cv-04617, CAN/3:12-cv-04619, CAN/3:12-cv-04633, CAN/3:12-cv-04641, CAN/3:12-cv-04642, CAN/3:12-cv-04803, CAN/3:12-cv-05208, IAN/5:12-cv-04091, ILS/3:11-cv-00246, LAW/6:12-cv-01785, MSN/1:12-cv-00179, NJ/3:07-cv-00908, NJ/3:12-cv-05059, NYE/1:11-cv-03246, NYS/1:11-cv-05159, PAE/2:12-cv-00299, PAE/2:12-cv-00514 (DP) Modified on 2/14/2013 (TB). CORRECTED DOCKET ENTRY TO INCLUDE THE 12 ACTIONS DENIED TRANSFER.

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