ARRINGTON et al v. Bryan et al

Filing 171

ORDER and DEFAULT JUDGMENT in favor of Blaine Sanders, Bryant Evans, Burnetta Pittman, Caroline Batts, Curtis Barnes, Deborah Gaines, Dennis Cherry, Dorothy Davis, Georgie Richardson, Geraldine Stevenson, Geraldine Whitaker, Gladys Lewis, Harrison Ly nch, Hazel Lucas, Jacqueline Bobbitt, James Morris, Jannie Harden, Jesse Williams, John Battle, Johnnie Parker, Joyce Robinson Houston, Katie Robinson, Linda Durham, Macarthur Mitchell, Paula Priscilla Bryan, RONALD ARRINGTON, Rita Harris, Ruby Arrin gton, Samuel Barnes, Wallace Lucas, Zoe Mitchell against Joseph Lionel Jones. The court declines to award punitive damages. Total compensatory damages $3,925,792.53, plus prejudgment interest in the amount of $931,005.52, for a total judgment award against defendant Joseph Lionel Jones of $4,856,798.05. The Clerk is directed to close this case. Signed by Senior Judge Malcolm J. Howard on 11/3/2010. (Heath, D.)

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