Floyd v. Berryhill

Filing 30

CONSENT ORDER granting 29 Consent Motion for Attorney Fees under EAJA. Signed by Chief Judge James C. Dever III on 3/8/2018. (Jenkins, C.)

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IN THE UNITED' STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERNDTSTRICT.OFNORTilCAROLINA · · · · · w~sTE.liN DrvJsloN · · - · · · · No. 5'.I7~cv-40'-D ) ) OLIVER FLOYD, Plaintiff, ) ) ) ) V. CONSENT .ORDER· NANCY BERRYHILL, ' . . ~ ,. . " ) } ) .) ) This action beit1g subinitf¢<:f.to the C()uft for ent:ry ·.or'a:.consent Ord.et"agr~e~ tdJ)y the . ., Actiiig. (::qlhrilissiorter 'Of Social Security; Order and Defendant has·'execu,te&this Consent Order, by and:through.th~- under~igne..d .Assjsfant United Stares Attomey.; and itAlppeari~g:that the parties .ha:Ve<agreed'thaethe ·Goihifi'ission·er of SoCial Secui·ity shoiild pay th'e'si.t'O:tof·ss,ooo:oo for a(totneyfe:es/in fliil ~h4:tili~l :~.~t~l¢m~11t.~>1~ Equ_al Acces~. to Ju,stice Ac;t ('~EAJA':'). Sge 28 l).S~C. § :2,4 t2.(d). It. als.o a_ppe_~dng,that-t4e.. TreasuryJudgment Fund("TJF'~) should reirriburse.Plaintiff's;counseLthe::$460:00 fifih!ffee, · It. Hrtherefore ORDERED ~hat the Corruhissioh~r ofS:odat.S~c!J:rity'plfy, tP PI,aindtf'the_ su111 o( $5,0QO.QO at1d that th¢ TJF pay to Plaintiffs' ~oufi:s~I ~4()0;oo, bq~h deliyer,eq to Plaintiff's:counsel' s office. addre~s, in full. satisfaction oiim¥·a~d.all cl8.:ims ati~ingi.Jl!ld~r,EAJA,. 28 U.S;C. § 2411(d), and'uponthe: payment. of such :sums ·thiscasefis~dismissedwith J:l1i~judlce: SO ORDERED. This 8 day of March 2018. CONSENTED TO: /s/CHARLOTTEW. HALL Attorney for' Plaintiff N.C. Bar#4l290 Chad~s. T.' Ha_ll Law Finn, f :c. P~O. Box 1062_9 R:a1ei~h,,NC 27605 Telepi1one: (919) 79 i -1883: Fax:(919) 791-1886 charlotte@charleshalltiiln.c'Qin is/ AMANDA GILMAN Attorney for Defendant Special .As_sist~n~ lJtiite(j :Sta.t~s ~ftqpjey Offic~ ofthe GeneralCb'-'ns_~l Room 653, Altmeyer Building6401 Sectirity'Boulevard Baltilriore~ MD 21235 Telephone: (410)965-9641 Fax_:(41 0)597 -0527 ,_A.manda.gilman@ssa.gov Maryland Bar

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