Local Rules of the Western District of North Carolina

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Bar Notice of Local Rules with Changes. (tmg)

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BAR NOTICE The United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina has adopted amendments to its local rules. The amended rules may be found on the court’s web site at www.ncwd.uscourts.gov. The amended rules go into effect on January 1, 2018, and shall apply to all pending cases unless the Court finds that their application in a specific case would result in injustice or undue hardship. In instances where the local rules may be in conflict with any standing pretrial order of any judge of this court, counsel shall be guided by the pretrial order pending clarification of the conflict with the presiding judge. Amended Rule Local Civil Rule 4.3 Local Local Local Local Civil Rule 5.2.1 Civil Rule 5.3 Civil Rule 6.1 Civil Rule 7.1 Local Civil Rule 7.2 Local Civil Rule 16.1 Local Civil Rule 16.3 Local Civil Rule 16.4 Local Civil Rule 26.1 Local Civil Rule 42.1 Local Civil Rule 45.2 Local Civil Rule 54.1 Local Civil Rule 67.1 Local Civil Rule 72.1 Subject Matter Service on NC Dept. of Public Safety Employees Filing of Papers Service by Electronic Means Sealed Filings and Public Access Motions, Briefs, Exhibits, Page Limits, Proposed Orders Social Security Cases Pretrial Conferences, Initial Attorney’s Conference, Initial Pretrial Conference, Consent to U.S. Magistrate Judge Mediation or ADR Pro Se Settlement Assistance Program Commencement of Discovery Consolidation of Cases Notice of Document Subpoena to Non-Party Bill of Costs Registry Funds Authority of U.S. Magistrate Judge Case 3:17-mc-00162-FDW Document 4 Filed 11/08/17 Page 1 of 2 Local Civil Rule 73.1 Local Rule 77.1 Local Rule 83.2 Local Civil Rule 83.3 Local Criminal Rule 1.1 Local Criminal Rule 11.2 Local Criminal Rule 20.1 Local Criminal Rule 32.3 Local Criminal Rule 32.4 Local Criminal Rule 32.5 Local Criminal Rule 44.1 Local Criminal Rule 47.1 Local Criminal Rule 49.1.1 Local Criminal Rule 49.1.2 Local Criminal Rule 57.1 Local Criminal Rule 59.1 Trial by Consent by U.S. Magistrate Judge Orders and Judgments by the Clerk Attorney Discipline and Disbarment Use of Electronic Devices in Courthouse Application of Rules Factual Basis for Pleas Consolidation and Transfer of Cases Disclosure of Presentence or Probation Records Statement of Relevant Conduct Sentencing Hearing, Presentence Reports, Victim Identities and Sentencing Memoranda Admission, Appearance, Discipline and Disbarment Motions Practice, Briefs, Responses, Proposed Orders Sealed Records and Public Access Electronic Filing, Redacted Pleadings, and Presenting Judgments, Orders, and Other Communications to Judges Deleted U.S. Magistrate Judge Duties in Felony Cases Case 3:17-mc-00162-FDW Document 4 Filed 11/08/17 Page 2 of 2

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