Shy, et al v. Navistar Int'l Corp, et al

Filing 505

DECISION AND ENTRY SUSTAINING DEFENDANTS NAVISTAR INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, NAVISTAR FINANCIAL CORPORATION AND INDIANAPOLIS CASTING CORPORATION'S MOTION TO DISMISS INTERVENOR-PLAINTIFF SUPPLEMENTAL BENEFIT COMMITIEE OF THE NAVISTAR, INC., RETIR EE SUPPLEMENTAL BENEFIT PROGRAM'S COMPLAINT FOR ENFORCEMENT OF SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT (DOC. # 498 ); INTERVENOR-PLAINTIFF'S COMPLAINT (DOC. # 491 ) IS DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE; JUDGMENT SHALL ENTER IN FAVOR OF DEFENDANTS AND AGAINST INTERVE NOR-PLAINTIFF; CAPTIONED CAUSE REMAINS TERMINATED. CONCLUSION: FOr the foregoing reasons, Defendants' Motion to Dismiss the SBC's Complaint for Enforcement of Settlement Agreement, Doc. # 498 , is SUSTAINED. The SBC's Complaint, D oc. # 491 , is DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE. Judgment shall enter in favor of Defendants and against the SBC. The captioned case remains terminated upon the docket records of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, Western Division, at Dayton.Signed by Judge Walter H. Rice on 5/10/2017. (srb)(This document has been sent by regular mail to the party(ies) listed in the NEF that did not receive electronic notification.)

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