Young v. Intel Corporation et al

Filing 16

Motion for Extension of Time. Filed by Matthew Robert Young. (ljl)

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Young v. Intel Corporation et al Doc. 16 IN T H E U N I T E D ' S T A T E S D I S T R I C T C O U R T F O R T H E S T A T E O.F O R E G O N MM ~\t.\N v. ~Q~t:. ~ "iJUN,-"""C,_--, P\~.~\\\ ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Case No. Ol-e\J -JL{)6 - BR MOTION FOR EXTENSION OF TIME - F . R e . p . 6(b )-- -------------) COMES NOW, .M()\V'{\~} ~, Ya.Jr..9 . , a prisoner n o t represented b y c o u n s e l and m o v e s this court for a n order granting a ~ d a y extension o f t i m e which to file . .. .. .. *'i: ~O\lt \ a\~~V?~ J\.E>O-r:~ d\O.}S ~\ day o f This due date w o u l d b e extended to the -.:t){J()e , 2 0 d . Tbis is the ~ request for an extension o f time. This motion is supported b y . D a t e d this DeC to ro..-t lOt) l d a y of-i-M-,-"O,~',-' f --', 2CX)Q . RespectfhllY Submitted, P a g e I o f I - M o t i o n for E x t e n s i o n o f T i m e Form 39.080 DECLARATION (ORCP Rule IE) B&-Jl?f\ You,rq , do declare t h a t .:r 0'; :':'.\\',{\ U',SC', ~ \(\() ~'1 ~.eq~ tva:!: 0,11 o.rJ ,ca f\ cod Carro Iy lJJl~ ~.:. ~('J)\js Otd~ . . I c ' J ( J 10 On R(~l\;;:Ar;;)d { r a M 1, j')).~QL.) Q" 7 /; f . . ' "1 HEREBY DECLARE THAT THE ABOVE STATEMENT IS TRUE TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE AND BELIEF, AND THAT I UNDERSTAND IT IS MADE FOR USE AS EVIDENCE IN COURT AND IS SUBJECT TO PENALTY FOR PERJURY." D a t e d this ~ day o f ~ , 2oa!L. l/ Print Name: Mo,U)1()j..,A) R.~)tf;l-/i:, 4.,.I..L..:.. ... . ~,,S.I.D. tv. / - \ \ . \ 1\ \ Q.~ ~,. 7 Jillat~~-+-++-~-+--.- Page 1 o f 1 - D e c l a r a t i o n F o r m 04.015 ~o. ~!~ "1-" _ 7

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